Revamp of Fiction Junction

Ever since I took over this forum a year ago, I have tried to reactivate it, and yet every time poor Fiction Junction ends up as a dusty, forgotten about part of the forums, posted in maybe once a month or less.

So, I’m trying again. Most of the threads in here were started in 2006 – that’s nearly four years ago. A Lot can change in four years, and so they are all dead and gone, and we’re starting afresh.

The format of the main section of FJ will be similar. I’m going to set up Recommend a _______ story for the following categories:

Canon Romance
Non-canon Romance
Alternate Universe
Post Hogwarts
Next Generation

These threads will be similar to how they were before – whenever you find a story that you absolutely love, or think other people would enjoy, post it in one of these threads, with a link and reason for recommendation. However, I am also adding a new element to the threads. If you post a link to a review of the story you’re recommending, you will receive up to three points (so long as the review isn’t just a squeeing one liner!) This is to serve a few purposes – 1) to encourage reviewing so our authors are getting feedback – if you like a story enough to recommend it, you should like it enough to review it as well! 2) To earn points from your house and encourage greater participation in Fiction Junction.

I will award points monthly, based on the follow scale

0 – one-liner/squeeing fangirl review without much feedback
1 – Reasonably good review, giving at least some feedback to the author on what you like and what you didn’t.
2 – A more detailed review which takes the author into more depth about how you felt about the fic.
3 – A great review, filled with feedback and wonderful, useful comments for the author.

Review quality is not about length – it’s about sharing your enjoyment of a story with the author and telling them exactly what you did like and what you thought could improve. I’m not going to use my usual line and say they don’t have to be spew-worthy, because tbh, a spew worthy review is something achievable by anyone and they’re not some mythical being – just some great feedback. (Oh yes, I kind of have an ulteria motive! I want to see how great you all are at reviewing, and maybe nudge some of you in the direction of another forum near here)

In addition to the Recommendation threads, I will be keeping a closer watch on the sub-forums, and holding more frequent – hopefully once a month challenges, focused on the principles of Fiction Junction – that is, to share love of fanfictions with other readers, to find new stories to read, and possibly to inherit a plot-bunny or two.

Comments, questions, suggestions? Post them below...