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Thread: Recommend a Historical Fiction

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    Title (+Link): The Last Time
    Author: welshdevondragon
    Warnings/Ratings: Sexual Situations, 3rd-5th years.

    And just as that celestial body worked its way across the sky, somehow she and Godric had moved closer together, without either really knowing how or why, just as neither were really sure who kissed who first.

    Originally written for the HP Couples Mix'n'Match Activity at the SBBC with the pairing Lancelot/Guinevere.
    Reason for Recommendation: So much is told with so few words and it fits nicely into canon. It only has one review (mine, which is bad) and deserves more.
    Review (optional): It's crap, but here.
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    Title (+Link): Bloodstone
    Author: Northumbrian
    Warnings/Ratings: None/6th-7th years
    Summary: A tale of Dark Age Magic set in Rome, the fading capital of a once great empire and Gefrin, a tiny settlement beyond the edge of that empire.

    Cenau doesn't want to die in the Amphitheatre, but escape seems unlikely. Will her friend Rhea be able to keep her promise? Can they escape?
    Reason for Recommendation: It had me at "A tale of Dark Age magic," but it more than fulfilled its promise. It's an intriguing story of unknown characters that provides history for a famous but little-explored canon character.
    Review (optional): here

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