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Thread: Recommend a Dark/Angst Fiction

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    Title*(+Link): Burning For Revenge
    Author: the opaleye
    Warnings/Ratings: 3rd-5th Years Warnings: Character Death, DH Spoilers, Sexual Situations, Violence
    Five years since the defeat of the Dark Lord, Draco Malfoy is finally getting his life back on track. Married, employed by the Ministry, slowly gaining back the trust of the wizarding world, Malfoy is finally free from the oppression and terror of Voldemort. Until one day his Dark Mark burns again. Why is this happening? Who is summoning him back to a world of darkness and fear? As the new life he has built from scratch begins to fall apart around him Draco can turn to only one man for help.
    Reason*for*Recommendation: This story is one of the most amazing ones I've ever read on this site. Julia's story is fast-paced, full of suspense that hooks you... Harry's and Draco's characterizations are amazing, absolutely accurate. She shows an unusual romance that captivates you, and the plot line is great, engaging. Also, beautifully written.
    Review*(optional):* oh gods! I seriously can't believe I haven't left a review!

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    Title (+Link): Like a Diamond In the Sky
    Author: whatapotter
    Warnings/Ratings: 1st-2nd years; None
    Summary: So hungry. There is a cavern inside of me, desolate, empty, and yearning to be filled. Oh, what it must be like, to be complete - to be whole again.

    A one-shot delving into the curious psyche of a dementor. This is the scene from Prisoner of Azkaban where Harry and Sirius are being attacked by the oncoming dementors - except this fic is written in the POV of one of those dementors.

    Reason for Recommendation: A very different point of view; that of a dementor. Written brilliantly,and we can nearly feel a dementor's feelings and can almost sympathise with it.
    Review (optional): Here

    Title (+Link): Depth
    Author: eternalangel
    Warnings/Ratings: Violence; 6th-7th years.
    Summary: “Tom Riddle had measured the depth of his soul, and had found it was enough to live forever.”
    Find out what drives the darkest wizard of all time, and how he became so evil.

    Reason for Recommendation: Wonderful characterisation of Tom Riddle which is very much in accordance with canon. Also, some great descriptions. The author manages to fit in so much into so little words; it's really remarkable.
    Review (optional): Here

    Title (+Link): Between the Hopefull and the Damned
    Author: fg_weasley
    Warnings/Ratings: Sexual situations; 6th-7th years
    Green is the colour of her kind.

    “You’re home late. What have you been doing?”

    You smile, the gesture speaking more than any words you will say. “A playful game, Rodolphus.” You pause, look to your husband for a moment before finishing, “Having a bit of fun toying with Lucius Malfoy.”

    Quickness of the eye deceives the mind.

    “And did you win this game, Bella?”

    “Oh yes, I’ve won. I always win.”

    Many is the bond between the hopefull and the damned.
    Reason for Recommendation: Bellatrix Lestrange's characterisation is just perfect - she's crazy, reckless, manipulative and adventurous. Simple plot with great writing, great characterisation and great use of dialogue.
    Review (optional): Here

    Title (+Link): A Change of Heart
    Author: cassie123
    Warnings/Ratings: DH spoilers, Mental disorders; 3rd- 5th years
    Summary: Since the death of her daughter, Andromeda Tonks cannot stand the fact that she has failed to love her grandson.

    She sees no other choice but to leave him with the only person left to trust, but an encounter with Rubeus Hagrid leads to a change of heart.

    Note: The warning is for fairly minor aspects, but I'm implying post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Reason for Recommendation: Two minor characters brought to life. Vivid description of Andromeda's emotions, and a surprise role played by Hagrid. A wonderful read.
    Review (optional): Here

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    Title (+Link): A Mother Remembers
    Author: mudbloodproud
    Warnings/Ratings: 3rd-5th years; Character Death, DH Spoilers
    Summary: Today is the day Molly Weasley must bury her child. What thoughts are on her mind as she faces this nightmare?

    I do not own anything you recognise in this story. It all belongs to J.K. Rowling. I am just thankful to escape to her world for a time.

    Reason for Recommendation: This story is beautifully written, and gives us a side of Molly that one might not think she has. It shows us what she might have been going through when she lost her son. It’s most definitely a tearjerker, and a story worthy of being recognized.

    Title (+Link): The Decision
    Author: mudbloodproud
    Warnings/Ratings: 1st-2nd years; no warnings
    Summary: As Tonks stands in the living room of her mother's house and watches Remus walk out the door to go to Hogwarts for the big battle, she must decide to stay with her son, or follow her husband.

    This is the story of that heart-wrenching decision.

    I do not own anything you recongise in this story. It all belongs to J.K. Rowling. I am just thankful to be allowed to play in her world for a little while.

    Reason for Recommendation: Another tearjerker story that really pulls you into the plot. The characterization of Tonks is just lovely, and it really makes you feel for the characters and the situation that they have been put into.

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    Mind Games
    Title (+Link): Lesser Gods
    Author: Wings of the Morning
    Warnings/Ratings: 3rd-5th years; mild profanity
    She is seventeen and alive. [Andromeda's rebellion. One shot.]
    Reason for Recommendation: I adore the author's style, and this well-written take on Andromeda's life at school, her relationship with Ted, and her decision to sever ties with her family. Wings of the Morning writes amazing stories featuring the Black sisters, and this is one of her best.

    Title (+Link): Yet Stars Shine On
    Author: Rita_Skeeter
    Warnings/Ratings: 1st-2nd years; character death
    Lavender Brown sits alone, until she finally looks into the sky. Because of course the stars keep shining, even through the dark.
    Reason for Recommendation: This story focuses on Lavender, straight after the events of the final battle. I love how the author takes a different approach to a character we know to be a bit shallow, but is still able to keep her believable. Lavender's thoughts and feelings are exactly what I would imagine for a character coping with loss, and the imagery of the story is quite beautiful. I highly recommend this.

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    Title (+Link): I Never...
    Author: Russia Snow
    Warnings/Ratings: 3rd-5th, AU

    It was only a kiss, how did it end up like this? It was only a kiss… It was only a kiss…

    Draco Malfoy has been released from Azkaban. He is free to start a fresh. The only problem is, he doesn’t want a new start, he still wants one thing from his old life. He wants that one thing more than anything in the entire world. But she does not want him back. And he cannot accept that.
    Reason for Recommendation: I Never... is one of my top-five favorites where Draco is concerned. Russia captured his character perfectly, and bended his traits to her story in a way that is rarely done. Putting a character in an AU situation is hard enough, but making it seem plausible is a rare feat, and she accomplished it perfectly. The story moved fluently and gracefully, taking the reader through many conflicting emotions but never allowing room for doubt. The entire story was executed wonderfully, and I truly believe it could make even the most die-hard canon-lover accept the possibility of the pairing.
    Review (optional): Eleventh from the bottom. (Just look for where the italics stop >.< )

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    Padfoot Patronus
    Title: Education
    Author: LollyLovesick
    Warnings/Ratings: 1-2; Substance Abuse
    Summary:Severus Snape, barely out of Hogwarts and hungry for knowledge, joins the Death Eaters to gain more. A loner, he does not consider himself anyone’s servant.

    On the same night he gets branded with the Dark Mark, he meets with Albus Dumbledore who begs to differ.

    Reason for Recommendation: This is the sort of story you can read and like whatever your mood, whatever your preference of style. The beauty of it is that it's really simple. It's Snape-centric and it does justice, despite the shortness of it. This is one of those stories that leaves you hanging because you know what happens in the canon after this, but from the author itself that is that. Open to your imagination. It isn't made of a hundred complex emotions because Snape is young. But there is the seed and it's poignant to read about it. It's good. It's the sort of thing that might have been.


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    Title: Family Matters
    Author: LollyLovesick
    Warnings/Ratings: 6th-7th Years Warnings: Abuse, Character Death, DH Spoilers, Self Injury, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse
    Barty Crouch Jr. and Regulus Black; two boys with different expectations thrust upon them.

    This is the story of how their paths cross, merge and then divide, leading towards two different endings; one tragic, one heroic.

    "The Death Eaters, I want to join." I stared at him. His blue eyes were steady, his mouth set. He looked resolute. He had thought this over.

    And then I got it. I finally got Sirius.
    Reason for Recommendation: Okay, I am the beta for this fic so potentially biased but I genuinely think this is a good story that deserves way more attention than it has had thus far. It's told from the POV of Regulus and Barty. Both of them, but particularly Bary Crouch Jnr are very well characterised, and completely believable. I'm going to stop/ edit this post when I can word myself more coherently, but this is a really fantastic story.
    Banner by Minna.

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    Title (+Link): The Golden Boy
    Author: Equinox Chick
    Warnings/Ratings: 6th-7th years; sexual situations

    "Remember Cedric. Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory." ***

    The night Cedric died, four people reacted in very different ways. Here are their stories.

    This is Equinox Chick of Hufflepuff writing for the 2011 Aprils Fools' Day Challenge in the Great Hall, Prompt # 3 - Trio Era.


    Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling. I doubt I could write anything as moving as Cedric's death.

    A HUGE thank you to Natalie (hestiajones) and Gina (gmariam) who have beta'd this into submission. This really would not have made it without their help.

    ** indicates a line taken from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
    Reason for Recommendation: This has got to be one of the best oneshots I've ever read, and I have read a lot of oneshots, particularly Dark/Angsty. Just wow. This story is about the reactions of four very different people to Cedric Diggory's death. Every character is superbly characterised and the fic is just so well-done and deserved its win ten times over.
    Review (optional): It's here but it's not SPEW-worthy or anything.

    Aaand this one -- I can't believe I didn't rec this!

    Title (+Link): What Money Can Buy
    Author: welshdevondragon
    Warnings/Ratings: 6th-7th years; Abuse, Non-Consensual Sex, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Violence
    Florence Delaine thought that all she needed in life was a wealthy husband. When she marries the violent Edgar Parkinson, she discovers that money cannot buy her happiness and determines to thwart her husband in the few ways she can.

    Florence is a very minor character in my story Thin Red Lines and a more important one in another story of mine, Tooth and Claw. This one-shot takes place before Tooth and Claw.
    Reason for Recommendation: This story is just wow. I'm not normally into OC stories but this one is one of a kind, really. The style is fluid and simple and easy to read and understand. A truly compelling must-read.
    Review (optional): Here it is, but again, it's not SPEW-worthy and there are better reviews on that page
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    It's been a long time since my last rec so I'm hoping the mods will be nice to me and not hex me for double-posting

    Title (+Link): Love and Other Sins: A Romance
    Author: welshdevondragon
    Warnings/Ratings: 6th-7th years: Character Death, DH Spoilers, Non-Consensual Sex, Self Injury, Sexual Situations, Slash, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse, Suicide, Violence
    Summary: Titus Rookwood, Augustus Rookwood’s younger brother, returns to Britain for the first time in nearly twenty years, to visit his last surviving relative, Igraine Rookwood. She has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban for the murder of Blaise Zabini.

    This is the story of a love triangle and a murder Igraine may or may not have committed.

    This is the final story in my Thin Red Lines Series.
    Reason for Recommendation: I'm one of the betas for this story and it's amazing in every way. It's definitely not your typical dark/angsty and the OCs in it are so very well-done and fleshed out. It's an injustice that it's got no reviews as of yet so I urge you guys to read it
    Review (optional): Will edit it in soon

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    using rare and complicated words
    *blows dust off thread*

    Title (+Link): Growth
    Author: teh tarik
    Warnings/Ratings: Warnings: Abuse, Character Death, Mental Disorders, Sexual Situations, Substance Abuse, Violence - 6th/7th
    Summary: Something has changed in Merope Gaunt, a thrumming of insect wings, a pulse kickstarting to life.

    Merope is alone. Penniless, undernourished and pregnant - these are the last three trimesters of her life.
    Reason for Recommendation: It's really quite superb. We all know the story of Merope gaunt and what happened when Tom Riddle left her, but this is an excellent retelling of that story. It's very dark, but so powerful and rich in detail.
    Review (optional): I left a review, I'm sure you can do much, much better.

    Banner by the fabulous Julia - theoplaeye

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