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Thread: Recommend a Dark/Angst Fiction

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    Recommend a Dark/Angst Fiction

    Read a great Dark/Angst story and think everyone else should read it too? Recommend it here!


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    Title (+Link): Jump
    Author: IckleRonniex
    Reason for Recommendation: This fic is really amazing. The emotion is very strong, but subtle and the whole style of the fic is very abstract. It is set in a unique POV and the whole story is very strong.

    Ronnie, Lyss, Becca, Andi, you guys are amazing. <3

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    Title (+Link):Blue Highway
    Warnings/Ratings:3rd-5th Years: Character Death, Suicide
    Summary:Dead father, dead wife, motherless son: exactly how much of this is James Potter's fault? James Potter II sends himself to the past in the hope that he will be able to save his wife, and recieve answers to the questions that have been torturing him since her death.
    Reason for Recommendation:This was a former Gauntlet entry that took James S. Potter on a wild ride in search of a solution to bring his dead wife back to life. I found it as a fascinating journey, despite the author's protestations that it was not her best work.
    Review (optional):

    Title (+Link): Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
    Author: SK Witch
    Reason for Recommendation: It's a completely unique perspective on a Dementor the POV of the Dementor itself, which I found to be quite inspired.
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years: Character Death, Mild Profanity, Suicide
    Summary: The smell was powerful, so magnificently intense…so very, very alluring.

    There was a war going on. Fear was prevalent everywhere and these species were free to roam the city of London. Free to breed…free to feed on whoever they desired. It’s one thing to get afraid when being attacked, but the fear goes to a whole new level when you can’t see your attacker…

    Follow the lives of two Muggles running through the narrow alleyways of London, when they’re suddenly confronted by one of the most feared creatures in the Wizarding world.
    Review (optional): Again, not the best one I'd ever left, but I was growing as a reviewer, so it is better than my older 'yay, this story rocks' reviews.
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    Title (+Link): A Certain Slant of Light
    Author: Hatusu
    Reason for Recommendation: This poignant fanfiction is written with such beauty and precision. Regulus Black comes pretty much alive.
    Review (optional): Link

    I have written three monstrous reviews for this fic, so I will just select one and post it here:

    I am going to start this review with a confession. No! Wait. Two confessions. The first one is that I used to avoid incomplete fanfiction. Yours is the third one I have ever tried (and I have been rather lucky with my choices as I happen to like the other two as well). The second confession is that, well, I used to think that the narrative style and language generally employed in fanfictions are prosaic and, often, uninteresting. But your first chapter left me in no doubt that this was going to be an altogether different rollercoaster ride.

    The only word that comes to my mind when I think of your narrative style is “beautiful”. Now, I already wish I had your skill- that ready, glorious tumbling of words- to describe how I felt when I was reading it. It wasn’t just the fact that you chose Regulus and saved him from “2-Dimensia”. It was that invasion into his brilliant mind, his shattered personality, his confused ego that oscillated between two different kinds of loyalties. An invasion that you mercilessly led and we, the reader, followed. I had never met this Regulus before- not in Rowling’s words or in other fan-fiction writers’. Regulus, always dismissed as the younger son who hoped to please his parents but ended up heavy price for his ambitions; Regulus- a foil to Sirius, a foil to Barty Crouch Jr., a foil to Draco Malfoy; Regulus, who apparently hated Muggle-borns but loved a house-elf. You gave life to him.

    It was fascinating to know this person and the curse of his legacy. Fascinating how much he understood Sirius, in spite of being the latter’s polar opposite. I felt goosebumps when he described his older brother in all his glory and disgrace. How there was no way of capturing the one Sirius because such a thing didn’t exist.

    This Regulus showed us everything- the immense hatred the pure-blood had for those different from them, the consequences of that hatred, the fear that enveloped the world like miasma and the laughter and love that survived, in spite of everything. For once, I saw what the Death Eaters could be capable of, given the chance. For once, I saw them their naked blood-lust in full rein. The St. Giles massacre froze me. I was shocked and disgusted beyond description. The Death Eaters have never scared me the way that single incident did.

    And the Voldemort you presented us. If the word “perfection” can be used to describe evil, then it should be done here. Here was Voldemort with his poisonous yet intoxicating words, his jealousy and ambitions, his deceptiveness and his brilliance, his megalomania and his ruthlessness in full display.

    To read what you have written so far has been an inspirational and poignant experience for me. I can only sit back and wait to enjoy whatever you bring next.
    Title (+Link): Between the Hopefull and the Damned
    Author: fg_weasley
    Reason for Recommendation: This is something which I normally wouldn't read because of the non-canon pairing, but what I liked about Nikki's fic was the play of egos and power - that was really exciting to read.
    Review (optional): HERE!

    Title (+Link): Changed
    Author: laurajane81
    Reason for Recommendation:An interesting look at the deteriorating relationship between Bellatrix and Andromeda. Those who are interested in the Black sisters must read this.
    Review (optional): HERE!

    Title (+Link): The Dawn
    [/URL]Author: ahattab33
    Reason for Recommendation: What did Ron do when he left Harry and Hermione to continue their hunt for Horcruxes? Find out.
    Review (optional): HERE!

    Title (+Link): The Witching Hour
    [/URL]Author: greennotebook
    Reason for Recommendation: I don't think anyone has written Dumbledore coming to face Grindelwand. This one does that, not so much with bangs and sparks, but with a thorough examination of their battle of conscience and wills.
    Review (optional): HERE!

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    Title (+Link): Becoming Rita
    Author: hestiajones
    Reason for Recommendation: because it takes a hated charatcer and gives her an amazing and plausible backstory. Her motivations become clear when you read this fic. Natalie brings life to Rita Skeeter and the writing is superb.
    Review (optional): click

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    Title (+Link): I Never
    Author: Russia Snow
    Reason for Recommendation: Although I listen to a lot of music, I'm always somewhat stuck when it comes to writing songfics/-drabbles. Russia, however, is some kind of a natural here. She finds the perfect song and writes the perfect story around it and even manages to make the lyrics fit! Even in a oneshot, she manages to make me feel sympathy towards a character I never really saw as anything other than an antagonist in the books (Draco Malfoy), and showed me the possibility (and maybe even canon likeliness) of a pairing (D/G) I had hardly ever heard of/read before (granted, I hadn't read a lot of fan-fiction in general but still). More, she made me LIKE it even though I'm such an extreme canon-lover. However, while it's an amazing (first!) story, it has very few reads and much less reviews, and I really think this fic deserves better!
    Review (optional):
    Quote Originally Posted by Review
    Oh Russia, Russia, Russia! It was so amazing. I had to reread it twice to find remotely appropriate words to express my awe; I hope I can do your story justice with this review.

    It is (and I'm being honest, I'm not saying that just because I love you, it's my true opinion) one of the best stories I've ever read on here, and definitely the best Draco/Ginny one – though that may be due to the lack of D/G (Drinny?) fics I read.

    Like PnP, I originally intended to copy and paste my favourite parts to show you what I particularly enjoyed, but it is impossible. You just keep up one level of awesomeness from the beginning right to the very last line. It doesn't get slow or boring or hard to read, and you connect every paragraph perfectly to the next one.

    I also really liked how you fit the story and the song together – you did a really amazing job with that. There are songfics where the song just represents the general feeling of the story etc., but with your fic, the song actually describes the story and the other way round.

    I honestly can't believe that this is your first story on the archives, because it's so incredibly good. Your writing is fantastic, and has – in the way it flows – almost something Rowlingesque to it, which you will, I hope, take as a compliment.

    I also thought your plot was really good. This story could even be considered canon – well except for the ending, although in a way it isn't clear if he doesn't live on ;P (btw I liked that you didn't make this explicit).

    I got the feeling that Draco talked himself into the "relationship" with Ginny during his years in Azkaban, as this was the only thing he could hold on to. She, of course, doesn't remember a thing, as he obliviated her. Ah, it's so tragic, so moving – and that for me; I don't even like Draco usually! *prepares to be skinned alive*

    I can't find a proper word to describe your story. Awesome? Brilliant? Fantastic? It definitely is beautiful in a tragic and sad way. And I really admire your writing.

    Now, to end this on a less soppy note, nitpicking

    He could never let go of the though of being with her; he would always be her slave, a slave to her un-imaginable beauty.
    I think you mean "He could never let go of the thought..." here.
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    Title (+Link): The Receding
    Author: hestiajones
    Reason for Recommendation: This story is about characters that we don't know much about. We don't know much about Merope, so she didn't have much to go on, but Natalie wrote this like we knew everything about her. What's better is that everything is believable.
    Review (optional): here

    This story is just amazing! I have never even thought of reading a story about her, and I'm glad that I read it. This one shot is wonderfully made. It tells her life so well. It was very believable.

    I actually read this three times in a row because I like it so much. The way he acts before he has the potion is probably my favorite. He acted how I imagined him to. He was also amazing when he was on the potion. I think that you showed what the potion did very well. And then her actions and why she gave him the potions are great. It is all just so believable. It was like I was reading her life story and why she did those things.

    The way you sepperated the sections was great too. It showed how her life was changing with events that were nesscessary to the story without adding uneeded stuff. You also didn't force anything.

    The way he left her was also amazing. It seemed like it would actually happen like that. And also her burning the books. That added so much to the story without seeming like you tried so hard to make it work.

    I can't tell you my favorite part because I love all of it. I really do. The characterization was great. We don't know that much about Tom but he fit what we do know about him. Merope (in my opinioni) is tricky to write properly, but you write her so well.

    I know that when I need a good story to read I'll come back to this one (or other ones that you write). I just love it! I'm so excited to see what you write next. : D

    Title: The Memory Keeper
    Author: cassie123
    Reason for recomendation: This story is about Regulus. His characterization, other Slytherins caracterization, and Sirius's characterization is amazing. This story gives an insight on Regulus's life and everything about it is believable.
    Review: here

    Title (+Link): Ignorance
    Author: ringobeatlesfan4
    Warnings/Ratings: Character Death, Substance Abuse
    Ignorance is your new best friend.

    Will she say it, or won’t she? You’ve been waiting for half of your life to hear her say those three words. But no. She’ll just continue to hurt you, and you know it, deep down. Know it, but refuse to believe it.
    Reason for Recommendation: This story is just amazing. You feel for what the characters are going through. It is written very well, too. The plot is probably the best part of the story. The song, Ignorance by Paramore also goes good in the story.
    Review (optional): here
    ily Andi, Lise, Ronnie, and Becca.

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    Title (+Link): Poppy Seeds
    Author: fg_weasley
    Warnings/Ratings: 6th-7th Years; Warnings: Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse

    His drug of choice? Lily Evans.

    Her drug of choice? Sirius Black.

    It was enough to tease him, almost to make the need worse, but he needed more. He wasn’t thinking anymore; not about James, or about himself, or even about what he was about to do. Only that he wanted – needed – to do it. And when he looked up, finally turned his head, he could see in her eyes that fire. She needed it too.

    And that was it. Suicide.

    This was not a crush. This was not lust. And this most certainly was not love.

    This was an agonizing, bone-crushing, physical addiction.

    And what a sweet, slippery slope it was.
    Reason for Recommendation: The way that Nikki writes her fic is truly something to be admired - you can see that she's put in a lot of time and effort into thinking about this story, and it seems that she has succeeded where so many others have failed in writing an utterly believable Sirius/Lily story.
    Review (optional): here!


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    Mind Games
    Title (+Link): Everything Was Gone
    Author: Air Elemental
    Warnings/Ratings: 1st - 2nd Years; none
    "Cedric Diggory was murdered by Lord Voldemort."

    Susan Bones remembers the times she spent with the boy she loved as Dumbledore gives his speech. An unrequited Susan/Cedric story.
    Reason for Recommendation: The author's characterization is spot on. Susan is the epitome of a young girl with a crush on an older boy. I also thought it was interesting to see a major canon event through a minor character's perspective.
    Review (optional): Right here

    Title (+Link): How Did It Happen?
    Author: Lilypudding
    Warnings/Ratings: 1st-2nd years; none
    Andromeda Black has haunted by the horrors of her past. Her daughter hates her, her one true friend is insane, and she has no family . All she has is the echoes of the half-life she once had, and the guilt of the horrors her sisters commited and how she was unable to change them when they were young. Tired of her horrible life, she takes up her pen and writes Narcissa and Bellatrix a letter about her life. A/n- This is purely a letter fic!
    Reason for Recommendation: I've always loved stories that explore the relationship between the Black sisters, and I found this one interesting with the letter idea. It's not flawless, but I thought the author did a good job of developing Andromeda's personality.
    Review (optional): Review

    Title (+Link): I Never Knew You
    Author: Lily_evans34
    Warnings/Ratings: 1st-2nd years; character death
    She had never known what to say to her sister. But now that she is ready, it is too late.
    Reason for Recommendation: Another one that explores the relationship between Andromeda and Bellatrix. I adore the setting in this story. Rachel's descriptions are very detailed and perfectly eerie.
    Review (optional): Ta Da

    Title (+Link): Somebody Beside Me
    Author: Little_Kitty
    Warnings/Ratings: 1st-2nd years; character death
    ...but deep inside, I knew that he was right. In the end, everything would turn out to be just fine. I realized all I really needed was somebody beside me.

    Hermione Granger reflects on her life as she contemplates the painful emotions inflicted from her memory of what happened during the last battle.
    Reason for Recommendation: This is a wonderful character study of Hermione, filled with beautiful writing and description. It's depressing yet strangly optimistic at the end.
    Review (optional): More thoughts...

    Title (+Link): Prisoner 21431199
    Author: Morwen
    Warnings/Ratings: 1st-2nd years; none
    He was innocent. That much he told himself over and over as he sat in his cell, and years later, it seemed that that was enough to keep him sane. But despite this, Azkaban left scars on Sirius that could never be healed. Part I is set when Sirius was in Azkaban.
    Reason for Recommendation: Hands down, the best story I've ever read that features Sirius's time in Azkaban. This story spans over his entire stay, from the first night to the escape. Morwen's writing is so sad and beautiful. I'm not a huge fan of Sirius, but this story really made me feel sorry for him.
    Review (optional): Other ramblings/fangirling

    Title (+Link): Broken Glass
    Author: Morwen
    Warnings/Ratings: 1st-2nd years; none
    There were twelve years in which Remus Lupin lived alone, after he lost everything. How does one survive that?
    Reason for Recommendation: This takes place at the same time as 'Prisoner', but is told from Remus's point of view. I think this one is the stronger of the two, which is saying something. One of the best character studies of Remus I've read, and absolutely gorgeous writing to boot. If you like Sirius and Remus at all, please read Morwen's work.
    Review (optional): Make sure to review as well.

    Title (+Link): Candles Burn
    Author: Lily_evans34
    Warnings/Ratings: 6th-7th years; character death, suicide
    Hermione had never listened to the darkness. But now, it's all she can hear.
    Reason for Recommendation: A really intriguing and haunting story about the effects war can have on someone. It's definitely different from most stories that feature Hermione, and could even be considered OCC, but I liked it a lot. Like always, Rachel's writing is very poetic and I really enjoyed the style she plays with here. An artfully done downer.
    Review (optional): Yet another review

    Title (+Link): Discord
    Author: Lycanthropist
    Warnings/Ratings: 3rd-5th years; mental disorders
    Pansy Parkinson was not an exact replica of what her parents had always longed for in a daughter, nor was she their endorsement for having made a respectable, consummated marriage. Whether others wanted to believe it or not, she had reasons for the way she looked at the world as she did. She wasn't anybody's little brainwashed, porcelain wind-up doll.
    Reason for Recommendation: This story is unlike any I've ever read, and quite a fascinating look at Pansy's life and family. Lycanthropist handled a very difficult subject beautifully.

    Title (+Link): Seven
    Author: Noldo
    Warnings/Ratings: 1st-2nd years; none
    Regulus Black only lasted a week.
    Reason for Recommendation: Noldo is the queen of the Dark/Angst genre, and this is one of her best. Quite poignant and excellent prose, as well as a really intriguing writing style.

    Title (+Link): The Last Hallowe'en
    Author: Doglover4life
    Warnings/Ratings: 3rd-5th years; alternate universe, character death, violence
    Hello. My name is Jill. I’m in Azkaban, and I’m innocent. The final battle has been over for ten years, two weeks, and three days. Harry Potter was murdered two weeks and three days ago. They found him dead in the living room; the only other person there was me, his wife. I was arrested, and since then I have lost everything, except this notebook. As I waste away in this cell, I have decided to write a memoir of sorts. This is my story.
    Reason for Recommendation: I really liked how the author managed to successfully write an original character as well as a compelling plot in a single one shot. It also happens to be her first story, and I was very impressed with how she managed to write so well as a beginner.

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    Title (+Link): Pain Doesn't Cost a Thing
    Author: Ron x Hermione
    Warnings/Ratings: 3rd-5th years; Abuse, Character Death, Mental Disorders
    Even from young children, Brett and Emma have been inseparable. When they are eleven, they both get letters to a famous Wizarding school. But their luck runs deeper as they soon find out that they’ve been placed into the same house. But that all comes crashing down when Brett has to move away to a northern country for his parents’ occupations. They can no longer have contact, and are utterly heartbroken, realising they’ve been in love this entire time.


    The year is 2044 and Emma Collins is now seventeen and in her seventh year at Hogwarts. She’s made new friends and is beautiful and talented. While it’s taken her a while to get over the loss of her old friend, she’s just gotten back on track in her life and every boy is starting to notice her, looking twice when she walks past. When he, Brett, left, she was heartbroken.

    But Emma’s life takes a drastic change when she learns of the TriWizard Tournament, a series of dangerous competitions in which students (that are strictly seventeen) compete in dangerous tasks to win the glory and envy of the two schools that are challenging them. Emma decides to enter, but she knows she won’t even be considered for the contest. Or will she?

    Emma’s whole life is challenged; with someone she once loved’s return, horrific deaths, utter and heartbreaking betrayal, and challenging tasks, she has only one mission: to survive the next day in her final year at Hogwarts.
    Reason for Recommendation: This is an incredibly sad story. It keeps you on your toes through the whole thing. Ron x Hermione wrote this in a way that floods you with emotion- hope, joy, sadness, depression, shock, etc. There are so many twists and turns, you would never expect how it ends.

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