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Thread: Downtime Emails

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    James Jameson

    Downtime Emails

    Do you think that emails could possibly be sent out concerning downtimes? Because I know personally that I don't have time to check MNFF every day, but I'd like to know when downtime is, so that it's not just my computer being screwy I know that there are others who could possibly benefit from this as well


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    We communicate about the downtimes through facebook and Twitter as well, so if the forums aren't working for you, you can find out if it's a general problem on there rather than with just your internet. Due to our large userbase, and number of inactive users, I'm not sure how practical an email list would be but we can have a look. Also, right now, we're really hoping not to see any more downtime coming up as the server move has been completed by MN.

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