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Thread: Blood Status Importance

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    Blood Status Importance

    Hello all,

    I was just wondering in DH what the importance of having blood status would be. They say they need to have it before going to Hogwarts, but what do they need it for? Are they not allowed to go if they are muggle-borns? Or will they just be tortured? How do they check at the gate? Do they have a person looming over, asking what their status is before they get on the train? How do they let the muggle-borns know that they need to be taken in for questioning? How do they find the right muggle-born? This information would all be helpful.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I imagine that no Muggle-borns would be allowed at Hogwarts anymore, seeing as they are being hunted down. Since Collin Creevy died at Hogwarts though, it might be reasonable to assume he was still a student, though.

    Maybe they just didn't admit any new Muggle-born students, sending the teachers to tell any potential first-years that a mistake had been made and they would not be going to Hogwarts after all.

    Since Hogwarts Muggle-borns are still minors, I imagine they would be put through as stringent an investigation as we saw with the adults, but I imagine they would still be questioned a great deal, pulled out of class quite often to do so. They might even become something of pariahs in the eyes of many students and the new teachers.

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