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    Triwizard Tournament

    I'm writing a story about the Next-Generation kids, and I have a whole plot up, then I remember the fact that the Triwizard tournament plays a big role in my idea of their 6th year. How likely is it that they decide to bring the Triwizard Tournament back? Last time they tried, the Cup was Confunded, 4 champions participated, and someone died. It doesn't seem like a very good way to convince them to continue with the tradition.

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    It isn't very likely for them at all to bring it back, especially since the whole reason they didn't bring it back for a long time is that people died, which is exactly what happened now. It isn't very possible that they would take that risk to repeat it again.

    However, the whole reason they did bring it back in the first place is that they made a lot of changes to the rules and the challenges, so you could say that. Also, this wouldn't happen spontaneously, like the Ministry wouldn't just say, "Hey! We're bored! We wanna bring back the Triwizard Tournament!" There'd have to be some people behind it, maybe some other wizarding schools pushing because of the positive outcome it had with their students, or some other reason like that.


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    I think they would bring it back. After the war, the great big threat is gone, and they could add more security measures, for example to the cup - learn from their mistakes. Mostly though, the whole wizarding world will be a lot about growing closer, now that the constant fear is gone, and I think the three schools would find it good to reunite.

    Things you'd have to consider though - is Madam Maxime still headmistress or did she give up her post when she went on that mission? It was in the holidays, but Im not sure if she returned to her headmistress duties.

    Secondly, McGonagall (or any other new HM at Hogwarts) doesn't have the same strong relation to the two other schools that Dumbledore apparently had, so it might take some more work to actually bring it all together.

    And then of course Karkaroff isn't headmaster anymore, and would the new headmaster want Durmstrang to participate, what kind of person is he..
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    I think Madame Maxine would still be Headmistress. I don't have a name for the Durmstrang Headmaster, but I see him as the sort of guy who's big on international magical cooperation. He wants Durmstrang students to get the best education. If another country's school has a new, better technique, he looks it up, and quite possibly implements it. He's very competitive.

    But yeah. Definitely more security. The 'must be of age' rule is still there. I would imagine the Goblet of Fire is kept under tight watch, to hopefully keep people from confunding it. Enchantments would be put up to prevent students from dropping someone else's name in. Medics on patrol during each task. But death is always a risk in the Triwizard tournament. That's just the kind of thing it is.

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    I think that Madam Maxime will still be headmistress, and I like the sound of your Durmstrang headmaster. He sounds like some one who would go to Durmstrang, and would teach there.

    One thing, though, is that the TriWizard tournament organizers would pick three schools from all around the world, not necessarily Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Bauxbatons. I think it would be a good, and in my opinion, more believable idea if you brought in some new schools. Hogwarts could still be a part of the three for some reason like Kingsley being one of the main organizers, and being the one to push it the most, as well as the Headmaster/Headmistress of Hogwarts.

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    Hmm....other schools? Why would Durmstrang and Beauxbatons not want to participate? It seems like they are the Big 3 of Europe. What other countries would participate, if Durmstrang/Beauxbatons opted out?

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