In my Next-Gen WIP, I'm currently writing the chapter where my main character gets her first wand. I've decided to go with hazel for the wood because of the where her birthday falls on the Celtic wand chart on Jo's website, but I'm struggling with the core. From something on Jo's website, I get the slight impression that Ollivander only uses dragon heartstring, unicorn hair, and phoenix feathers in his wands, but it's just that -- an impression. I could be totally wrong.

Actually, I hope I am wrong. I really want my MC's wand core to be very unique, something Ollivander would comment on. However, I'm having a hard time coming up with the material to match her abilities, which fall under the realm of Divination.

So I have two questions. First, do you know anything definitive about the materials Ollivander uses for wand cores? If not, do you have any ideas for a wand core that would somehow be fitting for a Seer or the like?