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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VII

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    I have a question about the Moderator applications. Are there any specific requirements you HAVE to have? Can the average user apply, or do we have to do something special? I am really interested, but i don't want to waste anyone's time if I'm not qualified enough.

    Thanks so much in advanced!!

    EDIT:: Can we send in our applications, as well as refrences for other people?

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    Hi mods! If one's chapter has been validated and one immediately sees a formatting error and edits it, sending said chapter back into the queue, would it be considered helpful or pushy to let the mods know that that's the only change and the chapter doesn't need to be re-read?

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    Ummm, excuse me if this should be asked somewhere else but my story has been in the queue(sp?) for almost two weeks and I'm getting really worried. It's called A Night of Memories and it's in H/G. Is there a glitch in the system or is there something wrong with my fic?

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    AurorGirl101: There are no minimum qualifications to apply to mod. Obviously some of those things, such as PI accredidation are helpful, but we will not reject your application because you are not. The quality of your writing and your ability to appropriately beta/edit/follow guidelines are the most important. Send your application and references to

    BlackClaude, as far as I am aware, you editing your chapter should not send it back into the queue.

    Unicorngirl, your story has been in queue ten days. Yes that is more time than we like to see; however, you can be assured that the mods are indeed working hard to get the monster...erm...queue cleared as soon as possible. In case you haven't noticed, our numbers are a little down and the queue is falling behind. That is why we're looking to hire.

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    I didn't think it would either, but I just added italics to my author's note and an extra paragraph tag, and it's gone back to the unvalidated message.

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    BC, that chapter hasn't been validated yet at all. I'm not sure what the message you are getting is, but it's not an issue with editing a validated chapter. Not that I'm not keeping an eye on that chapter in queue or anything. ;-)
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    About the Moderator thing - when will the new mods be notified if they have been chosen?

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    I was also wondering why I can't post in some places. Like, I can't post in the BA. I can post in the Banner Display, for members that aren't of the BA, but i really want to get a banner made, and it won't let me post! It says that I'm not allowed to access the page.

    I was just curious. I'm not subscribed to it, because I don't make banners. I am sorted, and can post basically everywhere but there. Am I doing something wrong?


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    Ok, thanks Maeve! When I looked on the site the first time, it looked like it'd been validated, but I must have misread it. I shall continue to wait patiently then.

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