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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VII

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    Vindictus Viridian
    AurorGirl101 -- I wouldn't if I were modding it and likewise any other A/N in the body of the text, song lyrics, and all that other stuff that is not your fic. In general, if a chapter is under the minimum, there's plenty of room for it to grow, and if it's over the maximum the site doesn't care what words put it over, so since the vast majority of your readers will be coming to the story once it's done, I'd say leave that note out altogether.

    Celtic_Jewel, you can PM from the "Private Messages" up there in the upper right if you remember the username with all the correct spaces, underlines, etc., or use the user profile. There's also a path from User CP, in with usergroup control and other such functions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vindictus Viridian
    Celtic_Jewel, you can PM from the "Private Messages" up there in the upper right if you remember the username with all the correct spaces, underlines, etc., or use the user profile. There's also a path from User CP, in with usergroup control and other such functions.
    Mod edit: Please allow only Mods to answer questions in this thread.

    I also have a question:
    I have posted several posts but only one came through.
    I figure that I may have violated a forum rule.
    But I wondered if I could have some feedback from the moderator/administrator because if I make a mistake, I would like to know what I did wrong, so I can mind it in the future.

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    I submitted chapter 5 of my story, Losing Each Other, on January 2, the day the queue opened up. I heard nothing, and it was not listed with the rest of the chapters as pending. Then, about 3 days later, someone posted a review for the story in which he asked where chapter 5 had gone, he thought it had been approved; I don't know where he got that info from.

    I sent 2 emails to, but received no answer. So, I re-submitted it. Then, late yesterday, I checked the story again and, lo, chapter 5 was there. However, it is not listed in the Most Recent listing.

    What's happening? BTW, I just subitted chapter 6 for validation.

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    Hello, mods! Just a quick question - is there anywhere on the forums where posts don't go towards your post count? Thanks.

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    Tate: Do not worry about your post count. It is about making helpful posts, not increasing your post count.

    Post counts only increase by posting in the Hospital Wing and in certain clubs on the forum (example: The BA and SPEW).

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    Vindictus Viridian
    Soggney and harryforginny:

    Posts don't appear in certain forums until a moderator validates them, and in others until you are Sorted. This was how we dealt with a mass of people advertising various inappropriate things by posting ads in our lovely forums.

    I'm referring the update question to an admin for further examination.

    Edit for questions past, present, and future: PLEASE USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION before you type your question. We do take points from your House if something has been answered three times already, especially if one of them was on the previous page of this thread!

  7. 01-09-2007, 09:33 PM

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    Inter-Term Points?

    I noticed that the Spring Term Points thread is up! Yay! But I have a question, since I haven't been here long enough to know what happens ...

    What happens to all the lovely, helpful posts made in the Hospital Wing between terms? Do they apply towards Spring Term? Or are they just ... not tallied?

    I'm not scrounging for points or complaining or anything, so I hope it doesn't sound that way! I'm just curious! *see avvie* Thanks, and sorry if this was the wrong place to ask ...

    ~ Abigail

    Edit: Well, I was just drifting off last night when I remembered that I had a couple more questions. I really could use a Remembrall! (Aren't you glad I'm editing my post instead of double-posting?)

    1. I've noticed that in the calendar, the year 2007 doesn't exist yet! Will that be fixed?

    2. Which off-site links, exactly, aren't allowed? The FAQs say none at all, but I've seen some for LJs and some for resource-y type pages that seem to be okay ... I've tried checking through the other "Ask" pages, but I couldn't find anything ... sorry if this has been answered already!

    Thanks again!

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    joybelle423, each individual moderator in charge of a forum can make the decision about whether or not they would like to award points for the Spring Term based on good posts made during the break. They can either count them or not.

    As for the calendar question, it is being looked at.

    If you go to the FAQ ~ Mugglenet Fan Fiction Beta Boards thread, you will see that offsite fanficion links and other inappropriate offsite links are not allowed in posts. Reference links are okay, but LJ and other, similar websites, should only appear in signatures and not in posts.

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    King Kylus
    I am working on a HP fan fiction which covers a story of a new set of characters who study at Hogwartsm so the main characters won't have any involvement..

    I've looked round the rules but maybe its because i read them wrong or something but this issue was clear enough.

    Can you just clarify if this is okay.

    Thank you.

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    King Kylus: It is perfectly okay to set a story at Hogwarts that does not include Harry or the others in any way (though if it does take place when they are there, you might want to at least mention them for believability).

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