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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VII

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    Tinn Tam
    "Your story failed to meet the required minimum or maximum word count for story submission on this site. Each chapter must be no less than 100 and no more than 10000 words long."
    For coherency, my chapter (12.1k words) must be read as a whole--or at least, assuming I find a way to divide it in two, both parts must be read at the same time. Not one on a day and the second one a week or so later.

    But I can't post it as a whole.

    And I can't have two chapters in the queue at the same time.

    Hence my question; why such a limit in the wordcount? My chapters are always over 5k words (except the early ones), and often bordering 10k words. I am constantly trying to cut bits off them so that they could fit. There are also good authors that I know of, who were considering posting their fic here and changed their mind because of the wordcount limit.

    Not asking that you should change the rules. Just wondering. *shrug*

    EDIT: Thanks for the answer. I'll just divide it in two then.

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    Actually, the archive has issues with fics that are too big.

    All credit goes to WhittyLeah for pointing that out. So clever of her.

    Thanks to opaleye for the lovely banner!

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    Snape's Talon
    Just a quick question about the calendar function. Why doesn't it show January 2007? I've tried clicking on it, but it only shows last month. When I looked at birthdays yesterday (there was one), it showed January 1, 2007 just fine but all other days I clicked were for January 2000. O.o Which was kind of funny since it would appear we had a lot of 6-9 years olds celebrating birthdays here.

    Edit: Perhaps the problem is because I'm on a Mac?

    Thanks in advance and congrats to all the new lovely Mods!

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    Lily of the US


    ok, i know this question has been answered before, but i'm ummmm... computer-ly challenged, so how do I put a banner on my author page?

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    sorry if it has already been asked but what exactly to the public groups DO?

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    why can't there be more mods and applications for mods?

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    Marauder by Midnight
    Lily of the US - I answered that question earlier in this thread just two or three pages before. Use the search function to find the answer.

    Aguamenti - Public groups let us know who is part of which organization here. There's SPEW, BA, and SBBC along with a few others. We hired only five moderators because we only need five moderators. There will be other opportunities.

    I'm going to take this time to remind users to PLEASE read this thread before asking us a question.

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    how do you find out about the public groups? Because there isn't really a description

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aguamenti
    how do you find out about the public groups? Because there isn't really a description
    A public group on these boards is any group which can be joined. Some of the groups require application and acceptance. Therefore, to find a public group, you just have to look for a joinable group.

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    Ron x Hermione
    Hi, I've already asked this before; yet it didn't get answered, really.

    I would like to get a banner made by someone in the BA. When I click on "Post Reply" this message pops up and it says that my email is awaiting activation (It's not) or I don't have the authority to post there. I'm not a member of the BA, yet I have seen numerous people that aren't in the BA post for a banner, and it doesn't make any sense in why I can't. Is there something wrong with my account? Thanks to anyone who can help!


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