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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VII

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    Non of my posts are showing up, nor are my new topics. Why is this happening?

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    I have kinda of a technical problem; I got an e-mail telling me that one of my favorites was updated, but when I go to the story's page with all of the chpters on it, there is no new chapter. When the chapter was still being validated I could see that chapter too, so I know it's there.
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    Just Beyond the Veil
    On the main MuggleNet site, it says that today is the last day to buy the MuggleNet shirts. Does that apply to the ones in the MNFF store?


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    Hmm I have two questions; they're kind of "duh" questions but I'm curious.

    What happens to the threads that have served their purpose? When you say "lock and grave" and the thread disappears, where's it go?

    And number two... What's it mean if a thread is "Sticky"?

    Thanks, and Happy New Year!


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    Hello mods and bannermakers,

    I was wondering how people get chosen to be in the BA and why when I post a thread in the Beta Wanted section when I reply to it it doesn't count as a post.

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    magikdude07 - Here's everything you need to know about BA. PM Foxy Wolf or forgotten poems if you have any questions. Beta Wanted section is moderated, meaning posts must be manually approved before they show up. It's in the FAQs.

    pheonixflame - "Finished" threads go into the graveyard or quarantine that is not viewable by usual users. Stick threads mean that the thread stays at the top of the forum no matter what. Only moderators may sticky threads.

    Just Beyond the Veil - No. Our store is open still.

    Lily_Roxy - FAQ is open for new questions so it won't work =] You put your image in by going to User CP then "Edit Signature." Then you place the following code in the signature:

    [img]url to image[/img]
    To put an image on your Author's Page (we do not allow banners in story summaries or the story itself), you place the following HTML code:

    <img src="url to image">

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    Sorry for posting again with more questions but where can I post to raise my post count.

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    magikdude07 - Don't worry about raising your post count. It's quality, not quantity that matters. Posts in your House common room don't contribute to your post count.

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    Questionable Username?

    I think this may be a questionable Username. Correct me if I am wrong

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    Questionable usernames/posts should be PMed to a moderator so they can take care of it ASAP. Leave this thread for questions only.

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