It has been suggested that we have an area to post links to information to assist you with canon information when writing your stories.

I am starting this thread for that purpose. You will notice the thread is closed. Please PM any links to reference material you feel is helpful. As these as all outside links, I will be checking them before I post them to make sure they are acceptable by MNFF standards.

To get you started, here are a few links.

Potterwords This link is invaluable with capitalization of Potter words. It is the go-to reference list mods use when validating your stories.


Harry Potter Wikia

With both of the above, remember, there may be things that are not exactly true to canon. When in doubt, it is best to post in the RD and ask.

Feel free to PM me links to sites you use for information. A short note as to why you use it, and what makes it helpful to you would be nice.