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I don't and won't differentiate between 'slash' (I really don't like that term) and het situations. I would use that benchmark for both.
You misunderstood what I said. I was not, by any means at all, saying that there should be different bench marks for same-sex pairings and het pairings. I'm here vouching for fairness in the warnings; why would I then go and say there needs to be a difference? I was merely saying that, with any form of sexual situation in general, be it heterosexual or homosexual, it is hard to draw a line of what constitutes the warning.

I admittedly probably shouldn't have said, 'slash/het', but in my mind I was operating under the suggestion that if those were added, it would still be hard to say when they needed use. You could say that with all the warnings, though, but none of the others have offensive tones to them.

I only meant that with the slash warning, as with the sexual situation warning, it would be hard to say what constitutes the warning when you come to the gray area, and that I agreed with Inverarity's point on that subject.