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Secondly, there are people who do consider homosexuality to be immoral, whether due to religion, or otherwise. Whether or not others agree with this stance is not necessarily relevant to whether or not there should be a warning. Consider this: there is a warning for mild profanity. There are a great number of people who don't see anything wrong with mild profanity, but there are also a number of people who consider it immoral. Therefore, they wish to avoid it; therefore, there is a warning.
Actually, I think whether or not people agree with the warning is completely relevant, as it's the main reason for this disagreement. The fact is that, yes, there are people who consider homosexuality immoral and, while I don't at all agree with this view, I respect that there is a large number of people who believe thing. What I can't respect, however, is that in order to make these people comfortable, we have to make a whole other set of people uncomfortable by including a category AND a warning. Before there was a separate category for same-sex pairings, I agreed that the warning should stay, for those such purposes. Now that there is a category, however, I think the tag needs to go.

I know this is an open site, and I know we have MANY views and opinions running rampant around here. But that's just it, isn't it - the internet is OPEN and you can't shelter everyone. I understand that some parents wouldn't want their young children reading such things - but let's be honest, some parents don't even KNOW their children are reading/writing fanfiction at all. My parents didn't when I first started. The fact is that by being on the site at all, you're bound to run into such things, no matter how much MNFF tries to hide it.

That being said, MNFF will obviously do the best they can to keep it's 'family-oriented' structure, and I respect this, but I can't help but be a little angry that some sort of compromise can't be reached. We're talking about being fair to people's views and comfort, but honestly, I don't understand how keeping both a category and a warning is being at all fair to those who take offense to either one of those.

And, on the subject of the profanity tags, since they were brought up - personally, I don't think there needs to be a distinction between 'mild' and 'strong'. If I have one use of the f-word in my fic, I have to tag a Strong Profanity warning, but I can use something 'less' offensive a hundred times and need only 'Mild'. I think if a story has Profanity, it should just be tagged as such and leave it at that. There's no need for TWO profanity distinctions, in my opinion.