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Thread: HP resource websites

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    HP resource websites

    For the past many months I have been google-hunting various names, objects, quotes from the harry potter world to aid my story. MNFF forums give you right about access to any resource you may need, but something one just needs that extra reading, when a writer's block is sure around the corner. So...

    I was wondering if there could be a thread where members could post address or names not necessarily links to interesting harry potter websites. Like on the suggestion of the_weird_one I was just looking for online harry potter crossword puzzles, and I came across the Daily Prophet!?! It's by-lined Wizarding Britain's Newspaper of Record. It's a pretty funny and well-done piece of work. I still havent checked it all out, but I bet it'd really give someone who's looking to include nice little canon references in their script a cauldron full of ideas.

    Yes, anyone looking for the extra bit of information could simply google it themselves, but the thing is google doesn't necessarily give me the same search results as they give to someone in the US. Would this somehow be against MNFF policy??


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    After discussing this with the mod staff, it has now been implemented in the Reference Desk. Please visit this thread.

    Thank you for the suggestion.
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