Wow. This is probably the most macabre and interesting thread I've come across so far.

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How about a spell that causes your brain to expand, or causes the increase of cerebral fluid? Or conjour flesh-eating bugs inside someone? Or that your heart starts beating so fast, it explodes?
I am loving the second and third ideas. The second most of all. It is rather disgusting. The first, however, may cause the victim unable to utter those final words that Eponine needs. I think it may be best to stay away from a brain related demise for the moment.

I've got some inspiration from the Philosopher's Stone film. Quirrell sort of disintegrates into stone. Perhaps Voldy could cast some spell that slowly turns the body into dust, starting with the feet and slowly building it's way up. Just a thought. That kind of reminds me of that eruption!movie I saw once where a guy jumps into the lava and sinks/melts down. Erm, yeah. But if you want something more bloody then there are more than enough suggestions in here already.

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I was really substituting "Die!" for (presumably) an actual spell. Although since I'm sure Voldie can do non-verbal spells, he probably could just cast a fatal spell non-verbally while saying "Die!" out loud.