But how many members of the forum are on SPEW? There are reviewers out there who are not in SPEW, but leave good reviews and should be recognized for their contribution.
I understand that to a point, but seriously, are people going to stop leaving reviews because there is no longer a QSQ for them. I'm a serial reviewer, as I leave at least something for nearly every fic I read, and that's a lot of them, but I had no idea there was a QSQ for reviewing until the new awards came out. Naturally, I didn't win, nor do I believe I ever will, but my reviewing habits will not change because there isn't a little gold medal thing for it.

As for SPEW, being accepted into it is almost like an award, in a way. They only accept the best, so personally, I don't see why there needs to be anything decided outside of that particular organization for Best Reviewer, because I'll venture to guess that 9 times out of 10, it would be one of them.

That's why I suggested that, while the Reviewer/Bannermaker/Beta categories should remain, the particular governing organizations of those groups should decide who wins it, considering they're more privy to intimate knowledge of the nominees' quality of work, etc.

And yeah, on further thought, combining History and Mystery does seem odd.