The recent suggestion regarding a characterisation category in the QSQs has got me thinking about the QSQs in general and whether the current range of categories we have is the best it could be. So I would like general suggestions from you as to what you think of the current categories and whether you believe there are any that should be added, removed or perhaps merged.

In the 2009 awards there were eighteen categories (which I have listed below for easy reference). Personally, I am wary of adding too many more to the list because there already seems to be rather a lot, particularly when you consider that in some categories there is a distinction made between chaptered and one-shots and both winners and runner-ups are announced, and I worry about the possibility of devaluing the awards, were we to give out too many. There is also the worry that more categories require more judges and could lengthen the process. However, it is possible I am alone in this opinion.

Please note, this thread is for discussing category changes only - it is not the place to discuss multiple wins, previous winners being eligible again, or the benefits/flaws of the judging process.

Also, please avoid turning this thread into a lengthy debate. You may post you own personal suggestions in here, but don't take the opportunity to knock other people's suggestions, and similarly do not make a new post simply to say you 'agree' if you have nothing new to say. Suggestions are considered on their merit, not the number of people who post to say they agree/disagree with them, so agreeing/disagreeing posts will simply clutter up the thread.

Finally, we may not be able to implement every suggestion in this thread for a variety of reasons but we do value your feedback and will consider them in planning for 2010

Current Category List

Best General Story
Best Dark/Angsty Story
Best Humor Story
Best Romance - Canon Story
Best Romance - Non-canon Story
Best Romance - Other Character Story
Best Alternate Universe Story
Best Poetry
Best Marauders' Era Story
Best Post-Hogwarts Story
Best Same-Sex Pairing Story
Best History/Mystery Story
Best Beta Reader
Best Artist
Best Male Other Character
Best Female Other Character
Best Reviewer
Best Bannermaker