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Thread: Quicksilver Quills

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    I can see both sides to this, but I'm only commenting here to ask a question: What would constitute a 'major' or 'minor' character? I know we all have concepts of these in our head [Harry, Ron, Hermione versus Pansy, Parvati, Colin], but what would the rule be for splitting all of the characters into one of these two categories? Like... a character like Bill - he doesn't have too big of a part in canon, but would you call him a 'minor' character? Also, someone like Lily - a HUGE character in the books, but not featured in canon enough to have a really solid foundation off which to base her characterisation.

    So... just curious. I think drawing that line may be more of a challenge that it seems.

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    Rachel - I dont think drawing a line in this would be too ardrous. Sure every one in two people on the forums can find something to disagree about when it comes to characters from Rowling's world, but I think there is a clear line, an acceptable line, a wide majority would appreciate, that defines major and minor characters. Lily appears very less in the books but she is a major character. Trelwaney makes more appearences than her, but she's minor. Isn't it also a little intuitional - like how we know it'd be 'made' and not 'maked'

    But in context of the fanfiction, I'm wondering if this would remain so. So Bill is a minor character but what if in my story he is a major character and my characterisation of him is spot on. I'm confusing myself now. Hmm, it could be either way perhaps. Choosing to award a story that features Jo's minor character wonderfully, or a story in which a character who is minor (to the story) has remarkable characterisation. Most of us would go for the former I think, the latter is a little typical and techincal.

    So have I come down to the same thing Rachel was talking about. Reach a full circle from left or right - you end up at prety much the same place.

    However, I do like the idea of this award. Why is that? Because although I'm absolutely in love with the uniuely brilliant styles of all out mods heading the QSQ categories, pre-QSQ thinking that they are Gods in the fanfiction world, but in the end, I really have trouble understanding the judgement and hense the criteria behind the selection. I guess a little difference of opinion is acceptable but truth is, some winners always are far off from my margins. [shrugs] Now again my mind is spinning, because although I'd love to see the characterisation and plot and humour awards - the criteria couldn't be more direct than this - I'm thinking that the territory of nominations would increase considerably. Would it just add to become a burden or would we really be evolving how writing is judged and rewarded?

    Is there enough great writing out there to warrant another pair of categories?
    Oh there is great writing. I dont know why it fails to make impact in the right places.


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    A new thread is about to be posted on this issue. Please refer to that for any further QSQ suggestions.

    Thank you!

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