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Thread: Practical Use of Defense

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    Practical Use of Defense

    If a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was to leave Hogwarts to go off and put their knowledge of the subject to practical use, what do you think they might do and where do you think they might travel?

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    Magical pest removal. Exorcisms. Private security, investigations, protection against Dark Arts. Dueling. Bounty hunting (for creatures or Dark Wizards). Hunting for rare and dangerous wand and potion ingredients. Researching cures for curses.

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    Brilliant! Thank you! My first thought was magical pest removal and then I thought maybe wrangling some more dangerous creatures that are causing problems in populated areas, but I was unable to find my copy of FBaWtFT and I knew someone here was bound to have better ideas! I think I'll go with the bounty hunting.

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