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Thread: Jobs in Wizarding World

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    Jobs in Wizarding World

    I've been wondering lately about the jobs in the Wizarding World. In Harry Potter, we hear about jobs in Gringotts, the ministry, Hogwarts (A bit), St. Mungos, and the small businesses in Hogsmeade and in Diagon Alley.

    What do you think are some other jobs in the Wizarding World?

    What do you think are the more successful jobs, or the more enivable jobs that purebloods would want to be in?

    Lastly, what do you think are the more unfashionable jobs?

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    As for the first, there's a lovely list of occupations on the lexicon, so maybe you can get some ideas from that.

    I think the goal of most purebloods would be to be rich enough that you wouldn't really need a job. You could live off the interest of your fortune. Or possibly just to be land owners. They'd own some farms or something in the country and pay other people, or possibly have house elves work the land and the purblood owners would get the profits. If they were going to have a job, I'm sure it would be as a Healer or maybe the head of some sort of Wizarding corporation? Like a broom making company? I could see purebloods going into business. They could get jobs in things like Wizarding marketing or something. Also, the higher up jobs at the ministry would be desirable. They'd want to be on the Hogwarts Board of Govenors or the Wizengamot.

    Undeseriable jobs would be things like Kwikspell course teacher or a dishwasher at one of the pubs. One of the maintnance workers at the Ministry might be a less fashionable job as well as training security trolls, which I think one of the trio read a pamphlet about before their carrer meeting.

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    What do you think are some other jobs in the Wizarding World?
    First, please indulge me and allow me to go off on a bit of a tangent. Eventually, I'll make it to the main point. Just trust me, okay?

    Reading fanfiction pre-DH, I was annoyed by the number of stories that had her working as a Healer at St. Mungo's. It was almost a cliche, and I thought it also was somewhat sexist. Being a nurse has been a job that was acceptable for women to perform even before most women worked. More recently, I realized that there's no distinct job equivalent of "doctor" and "nurse" in the wizarding world, that Healers are both jobs wrapped into one. (Though some people seem to think Mediwitches and Mediwizards like nurses, I've always that they're the equivalents of EMT's in the Muggle world.) Thus these many writers of stories where Ginny was a Healer may have just been thinking that Ginny was a smart enough to be a doctor.

    Anyways, though, we learned post-DH that Ginny first when into playing professional Quidditch, then wrote about Quidditch for the Daily Prophet. Now, there were also plenty of fanfics that showed her playing Quidditch, but I can't think of one that showed her reporting on the sport.

    Reporting seems so normal. Yet there have to be a great number of normal jobs for wizarding Britain to work. For example, the buildings and dwellings can't just appear out of thin air. Somebody has to design them, and somebody has to build them. Now I can't picture wizards up on rooftops wielding hammers. They probably can just Levitate things into place. Still, it probably takes time, and busy wizards and witches with the means would probably be just as happy to pay a little bit of money for someone else to do the job.

    Basically, if you think of a job in our world, I bet you can find an equivalent in the wizarding world. There may be a few where that wouldn't hold true. For example, the job of garbage man probably wouldn't be necessary -- couldn't people just Vanish their trash?

    What do you think are the more successful jobs, or the more enivable jobs that purebloods would want to be in?
    I don't many purebloods doing too much work, really. Lucius Malfoy seems happy to show up at Hogwarts or the Ministry at any hour he pleases to meddle. He couldn't very well do that if he had a job, could he? James Potter didn't have a job, or so Lily's family seemed to think, judging from Marge's rant in PoA. I've always thought that he had inherited enough money to live comfortably without a job and was able to devote his time to the Order. We do see Arthur Weasley working, but the Weasleys often seem to be considered "pureblood trash". They need all the money they can get.

    The jobs that we have seen purebloods tend to be high level the government (for example, Madam Bones was the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and I think Sirius spoke of a couple of Blacks who were in the Wizengamot). Another Black, Phineas Nigellus, was, as we all know, a Headmaster of Hogwarts. Such positions of power seem to command respect in pureblood society.

    Lastly, what do you think are the more unfashionable jobs?
    Anything that would seem common, lowly, or like hard labor -- anything where a person is serving another -- would be scorned. Thus there probably aren't too many purebloods who work in shops or pubs. Owning such a business would probably be less disgraceful than working in one, but generally would probably still invite some condescension.

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