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Thread: Next Generation Catagory

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    Next Generation Catagory

    Something that has been talked about on the forums lately is spliting the Post-Hogwarts catagory up so that it differentiates between Harry's adventures after leaving Hogwarts and the adventures of the Trio's children. We certainly have more than enough next generation stories to have their own catagory now, I think, and since DH has been released and we do indeed have canonical evidence for what happens in the next generation, it seems like time that those stories had their own catagory.

    What does everyone else think?

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    We did actually pick that up from the discussion thread and it's already under discussion. Hopefully we'll have an answer on this soon

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    I agree times four to the power of ten. Most of what I plan to write is in one of those two categories, so it would be awesome that they could reach the correct audiences. If someone is looking for a Next Gen, it should be simpler than sifting through a hundred 'and then what happens' fics.

    I have read well over 200 stories since joining Mugglenet, and sometimes, looking for one particular subject is easier than others (like a good Rose/Scorpius, which after Our Little Secret is hard to top).

    As it was mentioned in another thread, if there can be a classification for just about every ship known to the Potterverse, then why not a Next Gen?
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    Oh, yeah! Very, very exciting! I hope to learn the results very soon. Changes on the archives are always exciting, and they mean the website is expanding!

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    Yes, yes, yes! I really like the Next-Gen fics, but sorting through all the fics about Harry proposing to Ginny, Ron moving out of the Burrow, Harry dealing with the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts, etc. is annoying. Hmm, do you think a Teddy-centered story would be in the Next-Gen category?

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    Yeah, it would be. This is a great idea. I agree with all of you. PhoenixAscendant - a great Teddy story is Hogwarts Houses Divided by Inverarity, incase you wanted to know. haha.

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    I spend a lot of time lurking in the Post-Hogwarts category to find a Next-Gen one and I only find Harry/Ron/Hermione fics post-Hogwarts (which is basically what the cat is about...) but it would be much easier to just have a next-gen cat and lurk over there

    Molly, you have great ideas! Really!


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    A Next-Gen category would be nice (my stories would still be on the first page, heh), but to be fair, the Post-Hogwarts cat does have "often next Generation stories" in the description, and out of the first twenty, six of the fics are Next-Gen. Out of the next twenty, eight are Next-Gen. Thirty-forty percent. Not as good as 100%, but not a bad average even outside baseball.

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    I read Hogwarts Houses Divided, loved it. But on topic now. I still think a Next-Gen section would be useful, because I have gone looking for a Next-Gen fic so many times and I keep finding Trio-centered fics. It's obnoxious beyond belief.

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    I see a lot of people wanting a new catagory. Wow! I hope we can come to a consensis soon. It's a character flaw, I cannot stand waiting for anything!

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