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Thread: House Cup History

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    House Cup History

    An easy suggestion: could there be, perhaps, a thread with the history of all the house cup winners? I'm sure it would just say "Hufflepuff" in giant yellow letters, but I'm curious to see who's won in the past... or if they've ever won...

    Feel free to delete this thread if it's a silly suggestion. :]

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    This is a good idea and definitely something that wouldn't be too much trouble to do . I've just looked back into the thread archives and we only still have the point threads from the Autumn 2007 term, so unless someone happens to have them saved, or has an exceptionally good memory, we wouldn't be able to record any further back than that. However, that is still two years, and six terms of records we have which deserve to be recognised in some way.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Yeah, I second this suggestion. I was actually thinking about something similar a few days ago, since they've got The Trophy Room in the Quidditch Pitch with all the matches and their winners.

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    Hufflepuff have only started winning in the last few years. Before that, we had never won. It was mainly Gryffindor I think as we used to complain that they were sticking to canon too much for a fanfiction site *has been around for a very long time*

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    Since I started here, Ravenclaw won four in a row, then Gryffindor won five. I went on hiatus after that so my memory is a little shaky. Gryffindor might have won one more, or Hufflepuff might have taken over...

    I'd say this is a good idea, but a little unfair to the Houses that won in terms past. That's just my personal opinion, and I guess records can start from any time, really, but it'd be important to make clear that whatever record you made was an incomplete one and that you are missing the earlier terms.

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