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Thread: Voldemort's name post-war

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    Voldemort's name post-war

    I was working on my WIP today and I got wondering about what Voldemort would be known as after his defeat, especially in the generations who hadn't experianced his reign. I imagine that for a while after his death people would still fear to speak his name, but what about say twenty or thirty years after? Would people who had lived through those times be still scared to say his name and still call him He Who Must Not Be Named or You-know-who? Would the next generation? Or he simply be known as Voldemort or just Tom Riddle?

    I'm interested to see what people think about this as I'm unsure what my character (born in 2007) would refer to him as, along with other children in her year.

    Sarah x

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    I think it would very much depend on your character's background and also their personality.

    For instance James Sirius Potter is likely to say Voldemort or something disrespectful like Voldy, because Harry is his dad who's never used 'You-know-Who' and James is a joker who probably wouldn't take any of the reign of terror seriously.

    Similarly a Muggle-born child won't understand the great fear behind Voldemort's name, so would probably say his name.

    I'm unsure about using the name Riddle. I'd like to think that after his death, the wizarding world made some attempt to delve into his background as a way to address the past, but they may well have wanted to sweep everything under the carpet. But Harry uses Riddle's name in their final duel, so perhaps others would too.

    I think a child like Scorpius would have more of an issue saying the name Voldemort, because Draco was very scared of the Dark Lord and as a consequence would fear his return far more than Harry, I would think.


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    Think of old horrifying dictators as they are seen today. People think nothing of mocking them just because they are dead. What are they going to do? Even the worst of the worst, like Hitler, Ma, and Pol Pot are mocked because of this reasoning. I feel like people would approuch Voldemort much the same way. People no longer command fear once they have passed on and no longer have any real power over the people.

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    I have to disagree with Molly here. While there are for example some movies making fun of Hitler, they are never really successful cinema hits and are still seen as very controversial. And I don't know any media that mocks Mao or Stalin, for example. I believe that especially as long as victims of that era (people who have lost family members/were injured/suffered psychologically) are still alive, you can't mock a dictator, simply out of respect to those people.

    And then look at what things were like after the First Wizarding War. Most people believed that Voldemort was dead (at least if you look at how many people believed Fudge in OotP), but almost everyone was still afraid to say his name. Similar to what Carole said, I think that it really depends on the child and the family it grew up in. Look at Ron for example. He's always scared of saying Voldemort's name, just like all the grown-up wizards are, because he grew up in an all-wizard-family that had suffered losses in the first war. Then, however, there are Muggleborns like Hermione, who have never heard of Voldemort until they are eleven, but then she reads so much about him and how cruel he was etc that even though she probably thinks that he has been defeated, she still says You-Know-Who.

    So if the child is born towards the end of the war, I would say they'd refer to him as You-Know-Who, because the shock in the whole wizarding population during their growing up would still be too big. But since your character is born in 2007, it all depends on the family and the character of the child. I don't think that a Muggleborn child would refer to him as You Know Who regardless of how much they have read and heard about him, and I suppose that by that time even many wizards start saying Voldemort. Especially since by that time they can be sure that he really is dead. So, I would go with Voldemort, but not Lord Voldemort or "The Dark Lord", because they sound so worship-py...
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