So, a couple days ago, I was looking through old drawings of mine in my notebook, when I came across an entry entitled "Witch Diary". I looked at it, and it reminded me of how much I apply these simple facts to MNFF daily Harry Potter canon. I decided to post it for well, what else but discussion.

What is it, though? Basically, rules for magic-- where it can go and how well it is controlled. It's very limited, though, so don't expect it to be a full-flegded collage essay. It just states simple facts and points about the magical world. So, without further ado, here it is--

1. Witches can do magic without wands, but it's in better control with them.

2. Spells can be written in any language, even English. But the deeper in history of the language, the more ancient the spell, and the more perfected and used. It also, because it is more used, can be better than made-up ones. Spells do not have to rhyme.

3. Boy witches (aka sorcerers, wizards, etc.) can be more or less powerful than the average witch, just to clarify.

4. A witch can have a familiar. A familiar works similar to a wand (see entries 6 and 7.)

5. You can do magic without spells, but it is in better control with them. (like in PoA, Harry sends his aunt up into the sky, using uncontrolled magic.)

6. The least controlled magic is one without a wand, and chanting no spells. (see above)

7. A wand is something like a training device, it trains you to do magic, so that when you do it without a wand, it is more controlled.

8. Muggles cannot do magic, with or without a wand. However, they can work some potions.

9. Magical creatures, such as centaurs, trolls, and merpeople, have their own communities, and can do magic to their own limits.

10. Genies (fortune tellers and such) can be classified as witches and wizards, but they do have some limits to their powers (like being trapped in a bottle or small space, limited amounts of magic, etc.) They can also grant things for themselves.

11. Muggleborns (witches who were born from muggles) have the exact same level of power as purebloods. The way a muggleborn became magical is that a distant relative of theirs is a witch/wizard and they therefore inherited their powers.

12. Half-bloods are a witch with a father/mother as a muggle. They can inherit either the magical side, or the non-magical side. In some rare cases, they inherit both - which means they can do most spells, but not all.

13. Magic can be shared to by witches to muggles --- although this is very, very complicated. In some cases, you just have to be smart enough or do something to obtain magic, you don't have to be born with it.

This was made up right before HP7 came out, and it was mostly inspired by other magical series (how many times did I use that word? ) I did not have any knowledge of fan fiction back then, so I find it very interesting to see these topics being mentioned elsewhere. Any comments on this? Questions? Enragement? Concerns? Disagreements?