Welcome to the first addition of Character Calamities!

Every fortnight (or thereabouts) I will be posting a new discussion topic for anyone to participate. Each discussion will be focused on a common problem writers stumble over with characterisation. Discussion will not be character-specific but we may find that certain characters are discussed more than others, depending on the theme.

To begin with we will be discussing:

Senses of Humour!

Every character has a sense of humour, just as every person has a sense of humour, but some are more evident than others. Severus Snape, for example, has a dry sarcastic sense of humour that can be easier to write if you, too, have a dry sense of humour. Fred and George are the pranksters, so it is easy to see how they amuse themselves. However, what about Luna and Neville? They clearly get along well together, so how do they make one another laugh? What about Ginny and Harry? Is it easier to find a teenage character's funny bone than an adult's? Characters such as Madam Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall can seem so serious all the time!

I find characters with a more subtle sense of humour difficult to write, probably because I have a very loud, witty and often sarcastic sense of humour that has everyone knowing I'm part of the conversation. I also struggle with describing practical jokes, even though I have been known to deliver a few.

Do you find it easier to relate to a character with your sense of humour? Are there some characters you can't help but think have no sense of humour at all?

Points will be awarded ad hoc for good discussion points in this activity.