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Thread: The Hogwarts Horntails! (Team 1 of the QWC)

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    Oliver caught the Quaffle before it hit the ground and looked for a Chaser to whom to pass it. Worthington was blocked by players from the Turkey team; the pass would get intercepted. He could have passed it to Rutledge, but Matthew would only lose possession of it with yet another fancy move.

    Angelina was directly ahead of him, unguarded. Wood made sure they had eye contact, then threw the ball with all his might to the Chaser.
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    Hope you're still on to post the next five or so, MG. We wrote back and forth for quite a bit, didn't we?

    Angelina flew towards the other end of the field. Seeing a Turkish Beater flying towards her with his club raised, she rethought her plan and quickly dropped the Quaffle into Rutledge's hands.

    "Matthew, be careful!" she cried.

    Her plea went ignored. The man did a Double Loop in the air, raising groans from the English crowd. Suddenly, a Bludger came at the flamboyant Chaser.

    "Watch out!" the English team screamed.

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    Rutledge stopped and tossed the ball to Worthington just before the ball slammed into him. Two players were racing towards James on either side, their faces grim and determined. He darted forward and pushed the Quaffle through the hoops.

    Raising a fist into the air in triumph, James froze when he heard the referee's whistle.

    Harry refrained from groaning in frustration when the referee walked onto the field.
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    I was supposed to be away on the weekend...but I have an hour. We need to get all of the drabbles we've written in AIM chat up! So I'm popping in to post this!

    "Foul!" Moreloot screamed.

    "Chaser Worthington pushed the ball through the hoops before it was released from his hand. The foul is called haversacking, and Turkey will receive an automatic penalty shot.”

    On the field, James buried his face in his hands. How could I let something like that happen?

    As if feeling his pain, Angelina flew near him. “Hey, James!”

    James looked up.

    “It’s quite alright, you know. Even if you had made that goal, we’re far enough behind that it wouldn’t have mattered. Besides, Oliver’s going to block the shot, and you know it. He’s a brilliant Keeper.”
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    Well, I hope you're having a good weekend, Kumy! We're really going along, I think, and if we keep at this, we might just win.

    Although Mithril said that it doesn't matter if we finish, it all depends on quality.

    But I really want to finish.


    She grinned at him and patted his shoulder awkwardly from her precarious position as she hovered in mid-air. He smiled back.

    Maybe I’m making a mistake by not letting her have the Quaffle. She could be doing better than I am.

    “James! You can do it!”

    James turned to the voice of his sister. He hadn’t realized how close to the stands he had drifted. He grinned at her. No. I can’t endanger Angelina.

    James lifted his head up a bit to watch Oliver ready himself. He felt a burst of confidence in his solid teammate. Have faith, James.
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    Nesin hung absolutely still above the shimmering golden line that marked the edge of the scoring area. Wood hovered in front of the center goal, body tense. He prided himself on saving penalty shots. And Angelina had just given him the look - the one that said that she trusted him.

    From somewhere, he dredged up the energy to hold himself ready. Nesin made his move suddenly - a feint towards the center and a shot at the right goal - and Wood felt himself reacting. He caught the ball squarely and passed it to a waiting Angelina.
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    Amanda observed the Turkish captain, Khanh, screaming orders at her team after Oliver had blocked their penalty shot.

    It was like watching a well-coordinated play, almost mesmerizing.

    As she continued watching, she noticed that the Turkish Chasers began to fly at high speed towards Angelina, who currently held the ball in her possession.

    A Quidditch veteran, Amanda recognized the play as the infamous Parkin’s Pincer, having done it herself on various occasion.
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    Finally making progress on getting these AIM drabbles posted! Yay!

    "Angelina! It's the Pincer," she screamed, almost falling off her seat.

    Too late to react, Angelina only saw the three Chasers flying determinedly towards her. Suddenly, Nesin grabbed the ball from her hands as he flew by, dove into an upside down loop, and passed to Kundakchi.

    In one lighting quick movement, the quiet Chaser threw the ball into the left goal hoop which Oliver had left unguarded.
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    As the Turkish Chasers regained possession - this time because James hesitated to pass the ball - Fred abandoned his Bludger and cut back towards the English goals, following the play.

    George indicated the stands with his bat as they drew close to the Bludger, and Fred nodded.
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    Lining up alongside each other, Fred and George waited for the Bludger to come close. Swinging back, both the brothers hit the Bludger at the same time, propelling it toward the stands. The audience screamed.

    “Looks like those afternoons practicing the Dopplebeater Defense did pay off after all,” murmured George.

    The referee’s whistle blew twice, and the twins grinned.

    They didn’t notice James’ look of unrestrained rage, or his sister, Amanda, cowering in the stands.
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