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Thread: The Hogwarts Horntails! (Team 1 of the QWC)

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    “Mrs. Worthington, Amanda,” George said quietly. “We owe you an apology.”

    “I hope you took no permanent damage from our Bludger?” Fred asked.

    Mrs. Worthington looked at them stiffly, but Amanda grinned. “No. But if it hadn’t turned the game around, you’d be expecting some permanent damage from me.”

    “Amanda!” Mrs. Worthington said. Then, “Apology accepted. In the future I trust you will take more regard for human safety?”

    The twins nodded vigorously, and sighed with relief as James called his mother. Just then Adivar sat up, and the twins went to make their apologies to her, as well.
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    James looked at his mother and sister, and grinned after they hugged him.

    "I'd like you to meet Harry Potter, Mum."

    He knew that his mum idolized Potter, and he watched her face light up.

    Amanda nudged him. "Who was that lady who hugged you before you got the Cup?"

    James hid a smile. His sister was so observant sometimes; it was scary.

    "Amanda, meet Hermione Granger."

    Hermione shook the girl's hand firmly.

    "You were Ron Weasley's fiancé. You figured out how to destroy the last Horcrux."
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    Hermione flinched and James put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. She smiled at him.

    "No, it's alright," she said turning to Amanda. "Yes, I was his fiancée, and I did help with the War."

    Amanda smiled smugly, "I like you, Granger. You're a Gryffindor through and through."

    Hermione grinned, her cheeks pink. "I like you, too."

    James laughed at the two women bonding.

    Amanda and Hermione laughed, and together, the three turned to join the rest of the team.
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    Harry watched from a distance as Mrs. Worthington continued to speak in his ear.

    That's the first time Hermione has laughed in a long time...he mused.

    Maybe we really are healing.

    He glanced at the trophy sitting on the hospital bed, took his wife's hand, and kissed her on the cheek.

    "It's a new beginning," she whispered to him.

    A light began to shine in his heart - a joy that he hadn't felt since his sixth year at Hogwarts - and he realized that Ginny, more than she would ever know, had spoken the truth.
    The End
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