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Thread: QWC - Okay, team seven. Time to huddle.

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    Now THAT would be funny, if he and Greyback morphed halfway through the game.

    So would the plot outline be, like:

    --Harry/Vold discussion
    --Introduction of teams
    --The Nagini Rulebook thingy?
    --Moon rises; Trelawney and Wormtail pulled into play
    --It looks like the bad guys have won, but something, maybe accidental, causes the Order to win
    --Harry gets to destroy Voldy's Deathpants, and it's all happy and stuff.

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    It sounds about right to me... But there's obviously more to go in there, especially (I hope) before Nagini swallows the Quaffle. Actually, if she did that and then flew around, but got really tired near the end of the game from eating so much that she went to have a sleep, and that was when Moody got the snitch. And if Nagini eats Wormtail, the Death Eaters would be another player down and have to play... erm... Macnair. Or something.

    So if we just have up until Nagini swallows the Quaffle... I guess we'd talk about each character/little group of characters at a time.
    I just got this grotesque imagine of the Order throwing Nagini through the hoops...
    Anyway, yeah.
    And also - about having Tonks and Nagini as Captains. I don't think anyone noticed that suggestion, but the Captains shake hands at the very beginning, so it's quite important.

    My Goodness, what a disorganised post. *Apologises*

    "And my people with smash yours down with the force of an avalanche of lead..."

    "Oh yeah, Potter?"

    "Yeah. Kiss your Deathpants goodbye, Mr. Riddle."

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    Nagini is so funny, you can do anything with her... my mind has probably been skewed by reading "Nagini's Diary," but oh well.

    By the way, when I wrote "action," it meant [*something will go here, but I don't know what.*]

    I liked the idea of Tonks and Nagini as captains... that just strikes me as funny. I have an idea-- since Tonks is a metamorphmagus, can't she technically transfigure her arms extra long or whatnot? I could see her as a very skilled Quidditch player.

    Do you want to start off the story?

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    Do you want to start off the story?
    *Over dramatic death-scream*
    *Followed by the realisation that if anyone has any problem at all with something that's posted, we can always go back and edit*

    Yep, I can definitely start. I've had a little experience with the whole 'mock-seriousness' thing. I will be back in a moment with a post.

    “So, the time has finally come then, Potter?”

    Harry’s skin crawled at the sound of Voldemort’s accursed voice. It was but a hiss filling the silence, and it took every ounce of his strength not to attack.

    “This is what it has come to,” Harry answered coolly. “I can promise that you will not emerge from this battle victorious.” Voldemort sneered.

    “Confident, aren’t you?”

    “I think I have good reason. What with the fact that you don’t have a chance and all.” Voldemort’s red eyes narrowed and his mouth curved into a bitter frown.

    “We’ll see about that…”
    And I would like to take this moment to reiterate that anything can be changed, if it's no good.

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    Voldemort's eyes gleamed almost hungrily. "Face it, Potter," he hissed, "You're nothing but an inexperienced boy. What skills could you and your little friends possibly possess?"

    Harry betrayed no hint of fear as he stared up into the Dark Lord's flat, masklike face. He knew that the Order of the Phoenix would not let him down, and that the Death Eaters wouldn't stand even the most fleeting of chances. "It's on," he replied in a small, strong voice.

    Voldemort's slitlike nostrils inflated. "Then let the match begin."


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    Hope y'all don't mind. I just thought this seemed like a good time to start introducing these guys...

    Meanwhile, in the Order's changing room...

    "Stretch those legs, people!" cried Captain Nymphadora Tonks spiritedly. “We’ll be on in moments, by the sounds of it!”

    Several people rolled their eyes and Ron Weasley, the team’s Keeper, secretly wondered whether Tonks actually knew how to play competitive Quidditch.

    “Come on!” she went on loudly, clapping her hands. “Voldy’s Deathpants are on the line here! I want to see some focus!”

    “And what are ‘Voldy’s Deathpants’ exactly?” snapped Charlie, waving his Beater’s bat grumpily. Tonks attempted to stare him down.

    “Very important,” she retorted. There was an odd pause. “… Apparently.”

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    (I love this. ^_^ My particular blur is rather lame, but I just wanted to incorporate all of the players somehow. I have no idea what possessed me to include the last sentence.)

    Remus Lupin, Chaser, sighed. "I thought Harry could tell me everything," he lamented. "Now it's just, 'This is a matter between me and Voldemort, and this match is extremely important, so please do your best.’ Apparently, they've got some sort of wager..."

    "Over... Voldemort's Deathpants?" confirmed Kingsley Shacklebolt, the other half of the Beater ensemble.

    "So it would seem," growled Mad-Eye Moody, twitching as Charlie’s bat nearly missed his face.

    Fleur Delacour, Chaser entered dramatically with a towel draped over her nose. “Mon dieu! Zees dressing room smells worse zan Bill’s month-old underwear!” she exclaimed shrilly.

    Charlie sniggered.

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    Alright, I've got a little post here:

    "Then Bill’s obviously paying more attention to personal hygiene these days," he muttered, snickering.

    "Excuse me!" Tonks spoke up again. "Minds on the game please, people. Minds on the game. This won’t be a breeze. It won’t be a piece of cake, and you can bet your sweet bippy it’ll be one heck of a lot harder than pie. We’re battling some of the darkest people in the magical world…"
    But then I'm thinking we might cut to the Death Eater's rooms? It depends on how we want to introduce them, but it'd be good to show them in there and get a good idea of preening!Lucius, sook!Draco, etc.

    EDIT: ... yeah, also it'd probably be good of us to let thorn get a word in edgewise, eh? ^^ *Does that*

    Oh, and:
    "So it would seem," growled Mad-Eye Moody, twitching as Charlie’s bat nearly missed his face.
    I LOVE that! Poor Moody, hit in the face.


    AND for my next EDIT:
    And Thorn's gone again. *Wonders if she imagined it*
    Watch me spam.

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    Said 'darkest people of the magical world' were currently camped out in their own locker room. Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy (both Chasers) seemed to be holding a wrestling match over who was to gain possession of the locker room’s one curling iron, while the third chaser, Draco, had snuck off to a secluded corner to indulge in his stash of hair gel, which he had hidden from his usurping parents.

    Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange, possibly the most brutal Beaters ever to fly over the earth, were plotting and conspiring as they placed horrible curses on the Bludgers.
    Curse this infernal one-hundred-word-maximum drabble limit, and curse this fifty character minimum thingymajigger on the posts.

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    Look, a quick reply! And besides, why can't you babble like me. For shame.
    Everyone's too sensible and consise. It makes me look like a complete moron!

    "It would be brilliant!” Bellatrix cried heartily. “And they shall-”

    “But dear,” interrupted Rodolphus, “I’m rather sure someone will notice if the opposing team all turn into mutating red globs of pus…” Bellatrix scowled.


    The Keeper of the team, one Fenrir Greyback, looked quite fearsome, sitting alone at the other side of the room. No one seemed to want to go near him, for some reason, but he supposed that was alright. After all, people reminded him of blood, and he didn’t want to eat any more Death Eaters, at least until Voldemort had forgotten the other…
    Also, do you have any idea of when cmwinters might be coming online/remember when cmwinters came online yesterday? Because I seriously don't think it's a good idea to go much further until some more people are here.

    *Is going now*
    *Will be back in approximately two and a half hours.*

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