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Thread: QWC - Okay, team seven. Time to huddle.

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    Yay! *Enjoys the fact that the decision process is happening smoothly*
    This is very cool.

    I think everyone should also post a shortform of their name so we can increase our level of familiarity with each other.
    I had no idea what that meant when I first saw it. I was like - form? Like, a job application or something?
    And then my brain caught up O_O

    I'm usually just known as MOM here.
    Actually... yeah, that's all I'm known as. You may call me 'that whacko chick' if you like, but I find MOM is shorter

    Now, it seems like we're sticking with this idea. And I love Snape as referee ^^ Very nice. So... what's the official list of Harry's team? Also, if we need to replace Snape, it'd be nice to get another DA member. Like... Zacharius Smith or Neville. You know, or something. It just occured to me that if Voldemort and Harry were commentating and Snape was refereeing, a lot of the story could be told through them.

    Do you guys think we could begin writing soon? *Not sure whether everyone's as ready as her*

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    How about:

    Ron-- Keeper
    Charlie--Beater (I know, he's supposed to play seeker, but I have a reason for this...)
    Fleur--Chaser (I HAVE to see this.)
    Mad-Eye-- Seeker (You have to admit it would be hilarious-- plus, if he's paranoid, he'd probably be great as a Seeker spotting the snitch.)

    Bad Guys:
    Fenrir Greyback-- Keeper ('cos everyone's too scared to approach him)
    [Somebody]-- Chaser (I don't know who this would be-- maybe Dolohov, Nott Senior, MacNair, even Dudley... or Nagini...)
    Rodolphus--Beater (the Lestranges would prolly use illegal curses as Beaters!)
    Draco-- Seeker

    And I'm Schmergo. If you want, you can shorten that to "Schmerg," like in my username, but it's only one letter different.

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    Oh, oh, please may Draco be a Beater? He'd be all sooky because he wanted to be Seeker, and there could be a really terrible Seeker. Like... I don't know, someone Voldemort likes. Bella could be Seeker but she could keep getting caught up in the rest of the game or something.

    And I just realised that Bellatrix and Rodolphus would be an evil pair of Beaters. But sooky!Draco would be fun, somewhere else. If Nagini was made Seeker. You know, or something.

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    I'm not quite sure how we're going to get Nagini - who is a SNAKE for Pete's sake - onto a broom to start with. Which of course, means we need to leave her on the broom. Because it would be funny, and she'd probably swallow the Quaffle, and then there'd be all this hilarity when she flies through the goals and Snape'd be all .o(>_<)o. and Harry'd be all (O_O) and all the Order team would be screaming how not fair it is and then Snape would have to rule that they'd get a new Quaffle in play and SOMEONE has to find Quidditch Through the Ages to find out what's legal and what's not.

    You could kick Wormtail off the team. He doesn't strike me as either particularly well liked OR particularly talented, and then you could have Draco AND Lucius as Chasers. :P In fact, switch Wormtail for Draco, and Draco being all petulant about not being the Seeker and trying to do it anyway and neglecting his duties as a Chaser (and so Snape has to tell him that no, Draco, it doesn't count if you catch it) and Bella going off and hexing EVERYONE (including Wormtail) and Nagini swallowing the Snitch and. . . oi. And then Lucius has to preen. And try to hit the bludger with his cane and break it. And spaz out because his wand was in there. And Lucius and Fleur flirting. :P And have it happen sometime near the full moon and the game either start late or go on a long time to spaz poor Snape out about the two werewolves on the pitch because Moody's too busy - I dunno, trying to cast Incarcerous or something on the Death Eaters to bother Seeking.

    And, yeah. I need to go to work now.

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    Well, I think that sounds deliciously chaotic. Actually, it could be amusing to have the three Malfoys as Chasers... They'd all be scolding each other.

    I'm really only posting right now (because I'm posting before and after, like, everyone else's posts and it is a little odd) to say that I've tried to change the board name, but it doesn't want to work.
    I go to edit and then 'advanced options', and change the board title, but that only changes the subject of the very first post. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

    Oh, and finally, I can totally imagine Harry and Voldemort, as commentators, arguing about things being legal and illegal, and then getting peeved off and finding out exactly when each other's rule books were published. Poor Snape, getting caught in the middle as referee.

    Okay. I've changed my mind. So long as I'm here with nothing to do and without the brain cells to change the direction as my attention. And, you know, if it will actually help us then, why not?
    *Thinks what she can do*
    Well, for a start:
    If we were to say that it was an Order (basically) vs. Death Eaters (and Nagini) game, where there's a Horcrux at stake (Voldy's Death Pants), with the cast running (basically) as follows:

    Harry and Voldemort

    Order Team
    Keeper: Ron
    Beaters: Kingsley Shacklebolt and Charlie
    Chasers: Tonks, Lupin and Fleur Delacour (for some reason, those three names look incredibly weird together)
    Seeker: Mad-Eye Moody

    Death Eater Team
    Keeper: Fenrir Greyback
    Beaters: Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange
    Chasers: Draco, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy
    Seeker: Nagini

    AND that Snape was the referee, would that not work for anyone? Obviously, we don't need to keep in the Malfoy-Chasers, but if we do then... you know, Wormtail could be, like, a fangirl or something ^^
    *Takes this moment to suggest maybe Tonks and Nagini as Captains. Because I can imagine Tonks fairly trying to shake hands with a snake*

    Because if we get that, and some plot points would be lovely (we have heaps, so that'd mainly just be shuffling, organising and pacing), then I'd say we'll definitely be ready to start writing!
    And since I'm here...
    I think it'd be nice if we could make the game a fast and furious kind of thing (unless we have a couple of
    Three hours later:
    "I knew it!" screamed Harry. "Page four thousand, two hundred and one. 'If an abnormally ugly serpentine creature happens to be playing Seeker and happens to have eaten, swallowed, absorbed or otherwise consumed the Quaffle, it is acceptable for the opposing team to demand a new Quaffle come into play, until the first can be extricated from the opposing Seeker. On top of this, however, the team making the claim must withdraw their seeker for the duration of time when his/her opponent is undergoing necessary procedures!' And a sharp blow to the evil team's winning streak as a new rule is found..."
    "Excuse me!" interrupted Voldemort quite rudely, snatching away the book. "My snake is NOT abnormally ugly!"

    And also, I really hope the story can start just before the players come out onto the pitch, because I love the idea of the Order/Death Eaters all stretching their legs and getting pep talks.

    Then finally, suggestions on who wins and how?
    I'm personally hoping the Order will win, because, well, who doesn't want to see a bunch of random good guys winning something called 'Voldy's Deathpants'?
    But now, finally, I end my post.

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    Order! Order!

    Ok, what has been decided so far-

    1) We are doing humour
    2) Snape is referee
    3) Voldemort and Harry are commentators

    As for the other issues, I agree that Dudley should play! And that Nagini should substitute wormtail! Could be quite funny! Also, Trewalney for the good guys? I can just imagine her predicting that she is sure the quaffle will come to them!

    Ok, so here is my version of the team

    Referee- Snape
    Commentators- Harry and Voldemort


    Bad guys

    Keeper: Dudley
    Beaters: Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange
    Chasers: Draco, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy
    Seeker: Nagini

    Goog guys

    Keeper: Ron
    Beaters: Kingsley Shacklebolt and Charlie
    Chasers: Tonks, Trwalney and Fleur Delacour (for some reason, those three names look incredibly weird together)
    Seeker: Mad-Eye Moody

    EDIT- Sorry MOM. I didn't see your edit!

    I loved that drabble! It is Amazing!

    And yes, I too think that the Order should win 'Voldy's Deathpants'

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    Rockin'! (and thanks about the wee drabble)
    I wish I could tell a mod from a non-mod. And felt alright randomly PMing people. I'll find someone I know soon enough, but for now (as soon as I've finished this post) we can just do with a big, colourful title.

    I suppose what remains to be settled it... Trelawney and Dudley. But now that I think of it, I don't know how we're going to justify Dudley being able to fly a broom...
    And besides, whatever poor little characters get left out can just go fangirling on the side. (because anyone can fangirl).

    Then, so this isn't spam:
    Seriously - what are your guys thoughts on the beginning/opening of the actual story?

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    Maybe we could use a Daily Prophet article. Written by Rita Skeeter, natch . . .

    I am really opposed to Dudley being on the Death Eater's team. For starters, he's a Muggle and they'd want to kill him. For another, he hates magic. And there are entirely too many Death Eaters available.

    Are we going to feed Wormtail to Nagini?

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    Yeah, I kinda prefer Fenrir as a Keeper and Nagini as a Seeker.

    Maybe the story could start as a serious thing with Harry and Voldemort, and it sounds like they're discussing a battle to the death that they're about to hold, and then it turns out that they're actually in the commentator's box at a Quidditch game which is about to start?

    I think you actually should put that "exceptionally ugly snake' bit in later in the story.

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    This plan she sounds brilliant to me. I'd start right now, but I suppose we need everyone's confirmation (of course, when we've started, we can still plan/organise).
    And we begin with Harry and Voldemort.
    Ooh! And it can be a really serious conversation, and then at the end maybe they can mention something ridiculous or get really petty like stretching or pep talks or having Snape as referee.

    Quickly though as well (since we'll need to know soon), are you guys giving the 'yay' or 'nay' to Trelawney? At the moment it's between her and Lupin as Chaser.
    ... actually, to make everyone happy, we could have Trelawney as a reserve. If Lupin werewolf-ises, there might be something in the rule book about that.
    Although then we'd have to pull Pettigrew back into the game to replace Greyback...

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