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Thread: QWC - Okay, team seven. Time to huddle.

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    This goes after "TEAM! ATTACK!"

    The entire team moved in slow motion, accompanied by the playing of “Chariots of Fire.” Then, General Uproar tripped over Charlie’s foot and impaled Mad-Eye’s magical eye on his broom handle, rather spoiling the scene.
    Nonetheless, the Order flew with unbounded energy and vigor, fueled by Kingsley’s enthusiasm and the inspirational soundtrack.
    “Tonks has the *new* Quaffle and passes to Delacour,” stated Voldemort, “And now…” he gasped. “Nagini’s going in for a dive! Either she sees the snitch, or that Quaffle she ate didn’t agree with her. And if she catches the snitch, we’ll re-capture my red-and-yellow-leather DeathPants!”
    Did you know that "Red leather, yellow leather," is really hard to say ten times fast? Try it!

    EDIT: Ah, I just saw your new post... and here we go.

    There was a stunned silence at this remarkable announcement, broken only by a single voice.
    With immeasurable profundity, Fred and/or George Weasley muttered, “Well, bugger this.”
    Nobody else in attendance saw the twins sneak off, nor did a single being witness one of the twins flex his nimble fingers and deftly snatch the pants.
    “Let’s see how long it takes them to notice.”
    “I’m surprised nobody did.”
    “Naah, they were too busy listening to the inspirational soundtrack.”
    They glanced at Voldemort and Harry, who had their arms around each other and were swaying to “I Believe I Can Fly.”

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    “Nagini’s re-entry to the game was highly unexpected,” commentated Harry, being a commentator whose job was to commentate. “But apparently, the Quaffle she ate has been deemed ‘digested’, and both Seekers are back in play. She’s seen it and…”

    Harry paused awkwardly.

    “Did that red-headed buffoon just hit the snitch away from Nagini?” exclaimed Voldemort, horrified, “and towards the Moody character who’s fixing his magical eye?”

    “I didn’t hit anything!” yelled Ron, annoyed.

    “And as for the snitch moving,” Harry went on, covering Charlie’s sneaky move, “The Order’s fantastic luck can only be explained by the wind… Catch it, Mad-Eye!”
    Uh huh. So's 'red lolly yellow lolly'.
    And I think we just might finish this...

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    Did you see my new drabble that I posted shortly before you did yours?

    Oh-- and should we edit the Snape part in the document so that it's the way you rewrote it? (And possibly remove the Prophet article?)

    Another amazingly short Schmergo drabble:

    And, accompanied by a pumping burst of "We Are The Champions," Mad-Eye stretched forth a scarred and knotted hand and... grasped the Snitch by a shining silver wing.

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    No, I actually hadn't.
    *Does now*

    So what happens with the twins - they steal them then the werewolves turn up, and scare poor Fred and George away before eating Voldemort's red-and-yellow leather Deathpants?

    And about the edits - yeah, I think so.
    It's just such a shame CM and Thorn haven't been able to be here more =(

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    I know, I miss 'em!

    Yeah, I thought that Fred and George would steal the DeathPants and while they're distracted by something, Lupin would eat them... the pants, that is, not the twins.

    EDIT: Because the Snape drabble was written by CM and you, I wrote a really short bridge to connect the two:

    As Snape slouched away, Voldemort gazed contemplatively into the distance. "You are my only hope," he whispered, "I cannot allow my DeathPants to be claimed by the Order."

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    Ooh - okay, how about this.

    Everyone's distracted by the sound track, BUT earlier when there was no sound track, you said Malfoy turned on his iPod. So maybe he's immune to the inspirational power of the sound track, and can challenge the twins, perhaps with a Slytherin side-kick so they're more evenly matched? Then they... I don't know, they duel and the werewolves come and eat Voldy's Deathpants.

    This plan, would she work for you?

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    Hmm... that sounds a bit complicated for our limited time frame. Maybe Fred and George could just get into a petty argument about which twin is more attractive and while they're debating, the pants lay forgotten on the bench next to them?

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    Oh! *Whines*
    Okay, I can rewrite or something, but this is the post I've got:

    General Uproar wasn’t the most patient fellow, and (seeing as how he wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place) blinked out of that existence with one, final, inarticulate roar.

    The twins both rolled their eyes.
    “We don’t even need to try to get away with this,” Fred commented.

    Just as everything seemed freakishly easy, however, a shout could be heard.
    “Oi! Uh – stop that!”

    The twins spun around in slow motion. Standing behind them, hidden partly by shadows, were Draco Malfoy and his Slytherin non-chum Theodore Nott, both with iPods, their hair blowing in an unknown, slow-motion breeze.
    Because I've read your Theodore Nott and loved him, and think he'd fit in here. You know, to be the voice that says, "oh, by the way, werewolves just ate the Deathpants." and not really care, because he didn't really want Voldemort to have them anyway.
    Basically, all that would need to happen would be the twins raising their wands to duel the Slytherins, but because everything's in slow motion the werewolves turn up. Or they just arrive and break the dramatic mood as all four of the would-be duellers scurry away.

    BUT, I can just rewrite this simpler, of course.
    *Sucker for over-dramatised slow motion*

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    WAIT! No, don't rewrite! I really like yours. I just thought it was too difficult. I also want to imagine Draco and Theo head-banging to their emo music...

    *Enjoys spoofing own characterization of Theo in below drabble*

    “Uh, why aren’t you distracted by the inspirational soundtrack?” asked George-or-Fred.
    Theo smirked and gave him an ironic salute with his iPod. “I have my own soundtrack,” he informed them. “Because I’m just that much of a rebel.”
    “And we’re stealing those pants back for the Dark Lord!” Draco added.
    “Well, I’m not,” said Theo. “I’m just here for the kicks and the rather flattering slow-motion hair-blowing.”
    “Ignore my sidekick,” began Draco. “He—”
    “I am not your sidekick!” hissed Theo. “I’m a free man! BORRRN FREEE…!”
    Draco elbowed him and Theo stopped singing along to his iPod.

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    *Does the dance of the... uh... non-rewritingness?*

    AND hey, I just noticed.
    You said Fred and/or George Weasley.

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