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Thread: QWC Team Three Take the Lead

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    I like it better. And I'm sorry I keep appologizing. : P

    Anyway, I think you're right; it looks pretty good. Great job team!

    By the way, we still don't have a team name, do we?

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    I thought we were "Taking the lead" but yeah...

    Sorry Roxy as well! Like Chrissy said, we needed to get it finished.

    As well, I say we DONT' TOUCH ANYMORE! Before we know it we'll be asking if we can change the hair colour of someone! As competitive as I am, I say we leave it and if we do well, then so be it and if not, well that's just too bad.

    Abbi the evil Slytherin

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    I feel like such a horrible person! I feel like I didn't contribute much.
    But even if we don't win, we still had fun, eh guys?
    Again, I am really sorry if I didn't contribute as much as you guys hoped from me!

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    Don't worry about it, Erica. *huggles* You did plenty.

    I thought "Taking the Lead" was just the story title...

    And if everyone is happy with the story now, then I agree that we should leave it.

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    Yep, the story is done! Do we need a team name? We have team three after all, and taking the lead was the title, shall we just stick to that?

    I don't really know what we're supposed to do now, do we just wait for it to be judged? Does someone want to keep a copy on their PC incase the thread gets deleted.

    You've all been great guys! Its been nice getting to know more people from other houses (I don't know that many but now I feel just that little more connected! ) I'll see you all around the forums incase this thread gets locked anytime soon, and I hope to see you all joining in with the Gauntlet or the Spring Term when it comes around. I know that Abbi is a professor, so why not take our classes? Go on, you know you want to. lol

    Merry Christmas!
    ~ Roxy

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    Yes, Merry christmas you guys! You were great fun, I'll see you all around.

    Oh, and take the classes if you want!

    I'll save the story to my computer now.

    Love the evil seeker of Romania,

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    I don't know if we still need a team name. I've already got the story saved on my computer. I know I'm doing the next Gauntlet, and I'm sure I'll be taking classes.

    I've had a great time working with you guys, and I do hope to see you around the forums a lot. You are all wonderful, and I don't think I could have asked for better teammates! *huggles*


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    When does the next Gauntlet start?
    I doubt I will have time to write fanfiction this spring because I just volunteered to help out backstage at my high schools spring musical. And I am trying out for this one part, so I am going to be tied up for sure.
    But enough of that, here is what I came here to say.
    I really want to thank you guys for having to put up with me for the last few weeks. You're the best gals I've ever met.

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