Howdy gang! I thought I'd take the liberty of starting our thread so we can get to work! It's great to see you friendly faces (Both Chrissy and Erica were in my Gauntlet group! Hi guys!) And I can't wait to get to know babekitty_92 as well! I'm sure we'll be able to get a great winning round robin to prove that we are the best team around!!!
I'm Roxy, as some of you know, I'm the Puff and I'm from England, right in the middle of some of the HP movie sets. We'll have to see what the time difference will be in this group but it would be great to set up a chat on AIM or MSN or whatever!
I can't wait to get started on this guys so how about we all introduce ourselves and then post our first 100 words. Shall we say that our order will be the order we introduce ourselves in? So I would be first, followed by whoever is next etc?

Let me know! This is so exciting!
~ Roxy