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Thread: QWC Team Four aka the best team!

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    Sorry guys, I still haven't gotten back my internet, I would have otherwise posted much sooner!

    The whistle was blown,and everything became a blur. The teams blended into fast moving cloud of vibrant colors as they simultaneously shot from the grass into each of their positions.
    She was suddenly knocked off balance, but when she struck back at them, she hit thin air. They were already gone.
    What a good way for them to start off the game, she thought spitefully, picking on me was a bit of a mistake. Her face grew red in anger, almost blending with her hair and robes, and Higgins, watching out of the corner of his eye grew worried.
    I hope this is ok (99 words!)

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    Just Tink
    I'll teach them to hit bludgers at me, Mallet thought furiously as she 'accidentally' rammed her broom into a passing chaser, who dropped the quaffle and let out a yell. As the referee called a penalty, Higgins gave Mallet a warning look. Watch your back, it seemed to say. They'll be preying on your weaknesses. Higgins nodded in his direction. She had to get control of herself. This wasn't a local game without rules. All of England was watching. She had to win. Ignoring the taunts of the other players for the first time, she darted after a glint of gold.
    here's my bit- we can do this, guys! Go Team Four!

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    As she shot downwards in a steady stream with her face screwed up and shouting angrily at the two opposition players that were valiantly trying to box her in, Mallet pulled her broom up sharply and twisted awkwardly in the air. Had she not grown up where avoiding tree branches was crucial, she would have slammed into the ground and missed the sudden change of direction the Snitch took.

    She narrowed her eyes as the Snitch wound its way through a cluster of fighting Chasers, each of them stopping to look at the Snitch fluttering between them.


    *sighs and lengthens AGAIN*

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    Just Tink
    uh-oh... guys, I was just reading the main thread (we have until the 10th! yay!) and I just realized something. I think a round robin needs to have a specific order. Like, steph, me, steph, me, for example.

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    I'll help out whenever I can, that way people won't have to wait for my time zone difference.

    It kinda sucks being on the other side of the world

    But you guys can have an order, and then I'll just jump in willy nilly because i can

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    I think it would be Jacie's turn, but I think he may have forgotten about us, seeing as he hasn't posted here in a bit. I suppose one of us could PM him to remind him.

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