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Thread: Las Chicas Locas

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    The Slytherins were defiantly gaining on us, and now the score was 30-20, favour of us. 'Alright, at least we are still winning, but I know that Slytherins play dirty. I'm not a gossiper for nothing.' I thought just as the Slytherins scored again. This game would never end. Charlie and the other team's seeker haven't seen the snitch in a while, people keep breaking the rules, and I even almost got hit by a bludger!

    A bludger went passed my arm, making me swerve to right and into the pitch black sky. If only we could get a miracle.....
    Also TF, I fixed it.... again. Man, I fix a lot!


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    You guys can just skip me tomorrow. We really need to get this done soon, and I won't be home until dinner time tomorrow. I don't want to hold up the progress.

    - TF

    I spotted Charlie racing across the pitch after a flash of gold. The Gryffindors were cheering themselves hoarse.

    But there was the Slytherin Beater - oh no. He had smacked a Bludger right at Charlie, and I was the only person in between the Bludger and Charlie. The only person in between the Bludger and our victory. Between us and the Cup.

    I took off at full speed, zooming into the Bludger’s path. Charlie was gaining on the Snitch now, but so was the Slytherin Seeker. The Bludger was gaining on me. If I could just keep it away from Charlie...

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    The Bludger was coming closer by the second. I braced myself yet again for its impact. I watched as the Bludger came closer to my head. Forgetting what I was supposed to do, I ducked out of pure instinct. I heard the thud of a Bludger against the hard bone of a human's skull and the thud of a body hitting the ground. I could hear the moan of the disappointed crowd along with the wild cackles of some extremely happy fans.

    When I had at last felt it safe to look up, my heart dropped at what I saw.

    EDIT: I fixed all my posts to make them exactly 100 words.

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    I agree with TF; we need to get this finished up by Monday at the very latest.

    Ginny--You spelled definitely wrong, you forgot the apostrophe in team's, and you need to go back and capitalize the names of positions and balls. Sorry, but I just want to have a respectable fic; not trying to be mean or pushy.

    Teresa--Are you sure you're doing a hundred words and not less? We are supposed to do exactly a hundred, right? I checked the instructions and that's what it sounds like...

    You guys might want to think about incorporating the reason why the Slytherins are so desperate to win, if you want to make it into something more. Also, I'd like to have a Charlie/Random Girl moment at the end of the game if we can manage it and if you all want it...just something slight. =)

    The terror that had frozen me came back in full measure as I gazed upon Charlie lying prostrate on the ground. What had I done? We would have won!

    He was just lying there…

    I forced myself to turn my attention back to the game. Charlie was being tended by teachers; there was nothing I could do for him besides try to keep our points up so that we would still have a chance at winning. I was going to make Charlie proud of me…never mind that he was unconscious.

    Unfortunately, this was much more complicated than I had planned.
    And I just remembered that we were going to include some humor, lol. Oh, well.

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    Just as I was looking for the Quaffle, I realized something. If Charlie didn't get to play anymore, we can't let Slytherin score, because then if we get at least 150 points, we would still win. Slytherins might be sly, but sometimes, Gryffindors have tricks up their sleeves.

    I called a time out, and the rest of the team and I rushed into the changing rooms so no one could hear us. Not that anyone can hear us if we were outside, because it started to rain. But just to be safe, we met here.

    "Guys, I have an idea…”
    Are we making this story posted on MNFF? Cool!

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    "What?" said one of our Beaters. "Another way to kill us completely. You’re the idiot who ducked and lost us Charlie. Why we should trust you?"

    They all nodded in agreement.

    “Even though we don’t have Charlie, we still can win. If we are more than 150 points ahead of Slytherin when they catch the Snitch, then we win.”

    The same guy from before spoke up again. “How are we supposed to do that? We just lost our best Chaser.”

    The Keeper started arguing with that Chaser, and everyone was taking sides. Our team was crumbling from the inside out.
    I don't whether we're posting this on MNFF. If we do, that's fine with me.

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    Teresa, Charlie was a Seeker (I'm pretty sure), so they didn't lose a chaser. I hadn't really thought of posting this on MNFF, but if you want to, go for it.

    “Well, this is pathetic,” I said scornfully, climbing on top of a bench. “While we’re in here arguing about whose fault it is, Charlie’s knocked out cold. We’re pretty damn selfish.” Everyone became sober.

    But then a voice piped up, the same boy as before. “You’re the one who was too afraid to take a Bludger for him. Why should we listen to you?” Now icy glares were being directed at me. And one by one the team filed out, resentful and angry.

    I walked outside, eyeing the suddenly grey sky. Suddenly, there was a low growl of thunder.


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    When I was talking the Chaser, I meant the one the Slytherins had attacked earlier in the game. I'll change that line if you'd think it was too confusing.

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    I'm sorry! Don't worry about it. *is a dimwit* And sorry for spamming the thread, mods...

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    "Are you guys ready to resume play?" asked Madam Hooch as the last of us walked out onto the field. "You guys took 20 minutes in there!"

    As I heard Madam Hooch's whistle blow, I heard a loud CRACK! Startled, but thinking it was only lightning, I kept trying to get the quaffle before Slytherin scored another 10 points. I got the Quaffle, but all of a sudden, I saw out of the corner of my eye, a bludger coming strait toward me. I was frozen. I acted quickly, but stupidly. I flew toward the bludger. What was I doing?!

    (Just to let you guys know, this is 100 words. I even checked!)

    PS: Guess what! Right now, our round robin is 1600 words!

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