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Thread: Las Chicas Locas

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    Las Chicas Locas

    Hi everyone!

    I think that I am the first person in team 6 to see this, so I made the thread. When everyone is here, I guess we can vote to make a name for our team, because I think some people would say it's not fair if we don't change it.

    Right now we can introduce ourselves and tell a little about eachother. I'll start.

    Name: GinnyPotter, or Ginny
    House: Hufflepuff!
    Hobbies: Writing, thinking about Harry Potter, reading
    Why you love Quidditch: Because it is cool, and you don't know what to expect!

    So, um..... Let's start brainstorming!

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    Name: bittersweet_lullaby / TF
    House: Slytherin
    Hobbies: Writing (I'm working on my own musical at the moment), reading, swimming, hanging out with friends, knitting, etc.
    Why you love Quidditch: Because it's so much more interesting than American football. And if it was possible in the Muggle world, I'd totally be a Chaser.

    I really don't have any preference as to names. I think if we could use our names to come up with an anagram, that would be pretty freakin' awesome, though.

    I need to go get a snack, so I will come back later when our other teammates are here.

    First, though, I think we should specify what sort of things we normally write best. Action, dialogue, description, etc. I'll basically write whatever, but I like descriptions and action sequences better than dialogue right now.

    So, I'll be back soon. This is going to be fun, I can't wait to start.

    - TF

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    Isn't 6 supposed to be the number of the devil?

    *gets weird looks because she isn't funny*


    Alright, I'll settle down now, promise.

    Name: GreyLady, or Ren.
    House: Ravenclaw=Turnipy goodness!
    Hobbies: Reading, writing, music, movies, fanfiction. Also, being pretentious.
    Why you love Quidditch: Well, I don't necessarily love it, but I like it, yes. It's easier to understand than American football, at any rate. *is American* Quidditch is Quidditch, what can I say? Any sport than involves flying is cool in my book.

    I really like the anagram idea, so we just have to wait for the last person before we can decide whether that's feasible. I'd say I'm better at description and possibly dialogue.

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    I think I'm better at details.... but we'll wait until the Gryffindor person comes.

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    Okay, team! *feels nerdy* I think we ought to get started as soon as possible, at least working out the plot. My idea is that we can all put forth what we deem our best overall idea for the game and then we vote on which one we like best and go from there. Unless, of course, someone has a different idea. I suppose we might just want to start writing and see where it goes, but that might be a disaster in the making. I'd feel more comfortable with at least a loose plan. /my two cents

    I saw that TF has AIM, but I don't know about Ginny or our Gryff. It would be really helpful if we could have a chat or something to flesh this out, but we'll have to see.

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    That's a good idea. We can decide if it is Humor, Dark, General, or Romance. Then we can choose the characters, setting, time..... and then when we get our team name we can ask to change the thread..... /ramble person.

    But I don't have AIM, but I have email!

    I'm going to get breakfast, I will be back!


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    Hi! Sorry for the lateness. I've been sick. (Blame stupid fever and sore throat.)

    Name: tc015 or Teresa
    House: Gryffindor
    Hobbies: Writing, reading, playing piano
    Why you love Quidditch: Well, it is much better than most sports. After all, who wouldn't want to fly on a broomstick. I'd love to be a Chaser.

    When it comes to writing, I really enjoy writing descriptions of the setting.
    AIM doesn't like my computer. I do have email.

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    Okay, we have all our players.'Tis sad that Ginny and Teresa don't have AIM, but that's life. I'm sorry that you were sick, Teresa!

    Here's the plan as I see it. Everyone feel free to suggest additional things or disagree, but I thought I'd get the show on the road.

    We can all say which genre, team name, and plot idea (includes era, characters, maybe a twist, ect) we'd like. I think we should have a set order for posting the drabbles so that everyone gets a chance and does their part, so say how you feel about that. I'm also including the contact info in case someone has a question. If you feel comfortable with it, tell us how to best get in touch with you. When everyone has posted their ideas, we can vote on everything. I'd like to start writing within the next day or so. We only have nine days left!

    Genre: General with focus on the action on the game, with maybe some light humor thrown in here or there. A little romance wouldn't hurt.
    Plot Idea: *will be back with idea*
    Preferred Order: I'm willing to go first, though I don't really want to all that much. I'd prefer a set order.
    Team Name: I'm too lazy to work on the anagram. I'm going to say Las Chicas Locas (the crazy girls, lol)
    Contact: PM or AIM. (PM is probably best, though you could always try IMing me first)

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    That sounds like a good team name, Ren. *giggles* Las Chicas Locas. I like it.

    Genre: Action/romance, I guess. *shrug* Just no fluff. How would one write Quidditch fluff, anyway?
    Plot Idea: How about a match that Charlie Weasley played? Ooh, we could do the one the year before Harry got there, when they were 'flattened' by Slytherin. Do we have to do Harry-centric robins (we could do a Harry/Cedric robin. *snort* Sorry.)?
    Preferred Order: I don't really mind. I'd like a set order as well.
    Team Name: I like Las Chicas Locas.
    Contact: PM or MSN, really. I don't get on AIM as much.

    I have to get off. My mom doesn't want me online anymore, she wants me outside. XD

    - TF

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    I like that team name too! I don't know about you, but that totally decribes me.

    Genre: General and Action.
    Plot Idea: See TF's answer.
    Preferred Order: Can I maybe go second or third? And I like a set order as well.
    Team Name: Las Chicas Locas!
    Contact: PM.

    Should we ask a moderater to change our topic title then?

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