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Thread: QWC Team Two (aka: the winners) Round-Robin

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    -frowns at publicness of this forum-

    But I guess it doesn't matter because it would be obvious if someone copied us. Anyway...

    I was thinking we could start by showing the tension between the teams at the erm...tip off/first kick/whatever you call it. Opening of the game. I wanted to have a moment where Brand winks at Morgan, and she just rolls her eyes or gives him that look of "you've got to be kidding" or something like that. We need to figure out who is on each team. We don't know that.

    The Harpies are the only all-girl team in the league. We've got only two definitive players:
    Glynnis Griffiths - Seeker
    Gwendolyn Morgan - position unknown

    Heidelburg Harriers - from Germany
    Rudolf Brand

    We also know the game was played in 1953, but when (time of year) and season-wise do we want to set it? We can deduce it's not a world cup game, because those are countries, and these are teams within countries, so summer is probably out...

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    How about early spring? That way, we could work with teh scenery a little bit.

    That gives me a question: where is it to take place? Germany, or the Harriers hometown/country thingy?

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    I like the idea of spring because it lends itself to beauty and a bit of warmth but also cold and horrific spring storms, and I'm sure we can have a good variety as the match is a week long. I don't have an opinion of where the match should take place, but let's figure that out today and get started, as well as figuring out some more people on the team...

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    Wait...was this quidditch match like boys vs. girls? A male team and a female team? If so, that's so weird! lol. I think we should write it like that though - it'd be cool.

    And about the writing order thing, we do have to write in a certain order though - not like numbered...but no one can go twice w/o everyone going - isn't that what the rules say or something?

    We really should get started today.

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    About the characters, maybe we should search through the books for some quidditch names and just start developing there personalities and strengths and weaknesses. Maybe we can even have some sibling rivalry between the two teams, I like the idea of the girls vs. guys thing but it may just be a bit cliche, does it say in "Quidditch through the ages" who actually won the match so that we can keep it as canon as possible. About the sibling rivalry thing I said before maybe have a pair siblings, one on each team so that they would kind of a have a rivalry and it would make it harder for each of the teams to win because the siblings know each other so well.

    Okay so there are seven member on each lets make a list of people and go with it, here what we have so far...

    -Glynnis Griffiths - Seeker
    -Gwendolyn Morgan - (unknown position) How about were make her the keeper?

    -Rudolf Brand Since he is the only canon person we know I think it would fit that he is the captian though his postion still need to be worked out

    Okay, so what we need to figure out is the position of Rudolf Brand, and Gwendolyn Morgan also the who the captains are, in my opinion I think they should be the canon characters that we know are on the team and not the ones we make up. Know I think we should just divide up who makes the OC's. How about we each make up 4 OC's and just list them here and then we'll figure out what team they are on just post herea nd say what teams your making htem of so we dont have too many girlsd or guys ona single given team. Does anybody have any clue about what I;m talking about? '^.^


    P.S. Star, do you have a screenname on AIM? If so could you please pm it to me so we can all talk over AIM?
    *stares down spies from other teams*

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    Like I told KC, I'll have to talk to my 'rents about it, Roop. Most likely not, but I'll try.

    I understand you. Here are some names I'm coming up with out of the blue:

    Lauren Jackson--F
    Ickibob Kilo (Can you tell I'm bored?)--M
    Hugh Borno--M
    Kacey Umbrane--F

    Yep. ^^ There; I've got names down. SInce it's boys vs girls, it's pretty obvious which teams their on. I'll modify with any definate characteristics.


    EDIT: The girls could be chasers, the boys the beaters.

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    I don't like the Harriers being all guys. Having an all-girl team play an all-guy team leads to an easy weakness where we could fall into cliché territory. I do think that it's predominately male, though. Maybe just two girls on the German team. In QttA, the fact that a team was all female was quite notable. There's usually a bit of a mix.

    How about a Seeker named Freida Klinsman for the Harriers? Seekers have to be swift flyers, possibly able to multi-task, and....women can be the masters of multi-tasking. We also need to focus on the names reflecting where the teams are from.

    And to start us off...
    The buzz was one of anticipation for a great match up between the all-female Holyhead Harpies and Heidelburg Harriers, pride of Germany. The full stadium greeted them with a thunderous cheers and jeers. The players hardly noticed, entirely focused on the match and defending successful records.

    The teams met midfield, anxiously waiting for kick off. Captains Glynnis Griffiths and Rudolf Brand shook hands. Brand quickly scrutinized his competition, and then shot a wink at the girl who shared his number. After a second of surprise, she frowned at him, the whistle was blown, and the teams rose into the air.

    Gah. That was unbelievably hard. I had 150 words and had to cut it down. Dumb having to introduce everything at the beginning of the story so readers know what is going on...

    Edit: Star, why don't you ask your parents if you can make a very public SN that you'd only use for this. By public, I mean that it just doesn't relate to your name at all. When I was a mod, I used 'QuillsterMNFF' - something very anonymous.

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    Me next!!! One sec, though, I just had to call my spot. ^o^

    The wind rushed past Griffith's face as she looked around for that golden ball of glory. She coudln't help but divert her attention to watch her teammates fly, though--one of the chasers, Kacey Umbrane, had the red Quaffle in her arms. She swerved around the opposing team's chasers, going for the goal.

    53 words...the creative juices have yet to flow thickly, but it's there.

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    I'll go again...we can keep this going for a bit while we're just popping around, afterall.

    -will be back with addition soon-

    Glynnis held her breath as she watched her teammate draw closer to the goal hoops. The noise of the crowd swelled as Umbrane neared the hoops. Would she aim left, right or middle? She needed to decide within the next two seconds. But out of nowhere a Bludger smashed into the tail of Umbrane’s broom, knocking her off course, forcing her to drop the Quaffle in order to steady her broom. The Harrier Chasers were laying in wait to capture the Quaffle, beginning a pattern of passes as the Germans their Beater’s first triumph of the game.

    “Borno! Borno!”

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    *raises eyebrows at other teams spying lol*

    Can you guys make a list of the people we have playing because I'm very much confused right now, sorry. I'll add something later to what you guys have.

    *still very confused*

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