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Thread: QWC Team Two (aka: the winners) Round-Robin

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    QWC Team Two (aka: the winners) Round-Robin

    Other Teams Beware, Do Not Tresspass Here
    So, as soon as you've seen this make a thread for your group and give it an interesting name and then send off the link to the remaining three members of your team. These are the people who have the same number beside their names, not your house members. You can brainstorm, think of a cool name for your team and of course write the Round Robin in that thread.
    Well, Mithril Quill said that we should make a thread as soon as we see this so I took the liberty of doing so, so that we can come up with a name and start brainstorming! We can change the title of the thread later if you'd like, I just used it as a start up thing so that we would have some place to post. So, I guess we should introduce ourselves first so that we know each other and then we'll think of a name and start planning out our round-robin

    ~Roop <3<3<3

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    Heya Roop! *waves*

    I'm Star, from Ravenclaw. 'Nuff said. ^-^ I'm thirteen, love books, horses, any type fo animal really, and I have no ideas for names. Just cause it's Thanksgiving break and I really don't feel like thinking at teh mo, though maybe some names'll hit me later.

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    Heyy, Roop, Star...

    My name's KC and I'm the Gryffindor of the group. I think we should change the name of the group about if we lose? lol. Then it'd be a bit weird. But I don't think that is important - we should focus more on the writing part.

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    I'm not too concerned with the name of our team so much as I'm concerned with know...actually writing the story. A possiblity: Clandestinites. Clandestine is a synonym for secrecy. But yeah, not too fussed about the name.

    Let's start hitting out ideas for the story. First, do we want to tell the story from a player or a spectator point of view? I think we should avoid first person point of view for the narration, because it will be easier for the four of us to really collaborate and make this more smooth if we don't have to all try and interpret the same person's feelings from within their own head. Does that make sense? What I'm trying to say is that if we were all telling the story from Dumbledore's POV, it would be hard to make sure that we all can keep him acting consistently.

    I think that if we keep it unfocused from the pov, it would be great because we could sort of...jump back and forth between people. I actually use that method a lot in my own writing because it's actually quite helpful to be able to jump from Hermione's perspective to Charlie's. Gives you the ability to be in a billion places at one.

    What game are we going to write about even? I think it would be prety fabulous to write about a Quidditch World Cup game. Maybe the game that would've happened in 1978? That would be the summer after the Marauders left Hogwarts, so it would give us a point of reference for people that might've been in attendance. (Who are we kidding? There's no question that James Potter would be there!)

    But we could get even more creative about who we would want our spectators to be, and we can set it anywhere and chose almost any team.

    Also, I've just pulled out my copy of "Quidditch through the Ages" and come up with a few things we can work with. Stuff that is canon but gives us a lot of free range to play to our hearts' content.

    The [Holyhead] Harpies' defeat of the Heidelberg Harriers in 1953 is widely agreed to have been one of the finest Quidditch games ever seen. Fought over a seven-day period, the game was brought to an end by a spectacular Snitch capture by the Harpy Seeker Glynnis Griffiths. The Harriers' Captain Rudolf Brand famously dismounted from his broom at the end of the match and proposed to his opposite number, Gwendolyn Morgan, who concussed him with her Cleansweep Five.
    Wronski Feint
    The Seeker hurtles towards the ground pretending to have seen the Snitch far below, but pulls out of the dive just before hitting the pitch. Intended to make the opposing Seeker copy him and crash. Named after the Polish Seeker Josef Wronski.
    The first one gives us a chance to possibly write a lot of chunks that show different points during that week-long match. Ups, downs, storms, exhaustion, hunger, flirtation from that Captain Brand and probably a bit of annoyance from Gwen, no doubt. The second lends itself to some definite sensation and drive from the crowd. Can you imagine watching that, period? Let alone the first time it's ever been done!

    Basically we've only got ten days, so let's get to work on this as soon as possible. Once we nail down an idea, I'd be willing to start us out on the first leg (I know that can be pretty daunting...).

    I'll just say, for the record, that I'm leaning more toward the Harpies vs. Harriers match.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I think the Harpies vs. the Harriers match would be a GREAT idea to write about! It gives us a topic already set out for us...we know what we must do...but it also gives us freedom to write what happens in the match. I love that idea!!

    p.s. i love the name The Clandestinites

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    I actually like the idea of the Harpies vs. Harriers match also, it gives us a lot of lee way to expand and put our own twist on the match, it also gives us a bigger time frame to work with and the idea of having it from the spectators P.O.V is brilliant but there in my opinion it would be interesting to see it from one of the teams P.O.V's kind of like third person general where you follow the entire team or just so that we don't focus it on one person, I agree that it would be hard to keep with the flow if we made it first persona and it wouldn't give us much space to expand and see different aspects of the game. One thing though, just so this doesn't get confusing between brainstorming and the actual round-robin, how about we pick a color to write out actual story in so that if we have to come up with an idea in the middle of the round robin or if one of us gets stuck or for any other reason imaginable we can easily distinguish between the actual round-robin and and our other banter, how about purple? Btw, The Clandestinites is a great name!


    EDIT~ Oh DANG! I missed the chat, you should have told me before hand and I would have stayed on, ah well, I guess I'll just have to listen to your idea's later, when your on...

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    Whoa! Lotsa words...all righty, here we goes:

    I like the name, Clandestinites. Sounds cool, and it confused me the first time I read it. ^^

    I also like the idea of us switching PoVs and the Harper/Harrier game. Like KC said, it gives us freedom, but also a set prompt. Maybe we could have Dumbledore, McGonagall, or a young Tom Riddle attend. *has plot bunnies hopping arond in head*

    Any set order? Like, who's going first, second, third, and last? Might as well have it.

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    I'd rather not set an order because that would just be too demanding and if someone isn't in for a day or two then the other people have to suffer because it isn't their turn so I think it would be better to just allows us to go with the flow, whoever thinks they have a great way to go with it just take the idea and run with it eh?


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    Hmm...sorry I didn't tell you before, but I just sort of saw that we were basically all on and watching the thread at the same moment and so I looked on each person's profile to see if their AIM was listed.

    -may or may not be a pro at stalking users on the forums-

    (Don't stems from those old modly days...)

    I'm glad we're settled on the Harpies/Harries match! Guys....I'm not gonna lie to you: I REALLY want to win this. Like....supremely.

    Let's set the story off in black. That's different from the standard grey, but it won't clash with any different layouts. I don't know exactly about order...

    I'll start. I've got an idea that can help to carry us through to the end, but it doesn't need to be paid attention to the whole time. Then, let's just keep an open order, that way if people can turn up and write or feel particularly inspired to add something next, then we can. Just ...everyone try to come around and do something every two or three days at least.

    A couple of months ago we were doing a round robin with my group for the Quill awards. The way we would work it is that when you were going to write the next section, you posted saying that you were working on it, and then edited it with your section....but that only works if you're going to finish it soon. Does that sound good?

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    Sure that works out fine, its all right with me, just one thing I think we should have some sort of an idea as to what we're doing and well the basic plot line as to what the major conflict will be and the resolution so that things just don't totally go awry and extremely AU. Just as a guideline to keep us focused so we don't get to caught up in the details, plus we need a twist, something that makes us stand out from the rest. I really want to win this too, no pressure *cracks up*


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