I was just wondering to what extent Muggles can be affected by magic. Because although there are lots of mentions of memory charms being used upon them, and charms specifically to ward Muggles off, but there's also a mention in DH of the fact that not having a wand may prevent you from Side-along Apparition.

Also if every piece of magic affected all Muggles it is pretty amazing that it was the wizards that went underground rather than the Muggles, given their superiority over them (in terms of power/ ability) even if they did not have the numbers- but that's JK being an optimist I think

So do you think things like Legilimency would be possible on Muggles/ Squibs? Also if a Muggle touched a portkey would it work for them, or would they have to have some magical ability for it to work?

Also I've said Muggles/ Squibs but given that Squibs can see dementors where muggles cannot do you think the rules differ from them? As in a Squib would still activate a Portkey whereas a Muggle would not?

Anyway, hope that made sense. Any thoughts?