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Thread: Werewolf Registry

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveOil_Med
    Also, a side-note in my story's plot, which countries do you think would be the strictest about their werewolf regulations: Britain, France, United States, Mexico, Bahamas, Donincan Republic, Colombia? How do you think different countries would differ in opinions and possible laws when it comes to werewolves?
    Britain would probably be very strict by necessity; there isn't a lot of room for werewolves to roam without running into Muggles. France is a bit larger, but I think the French would also be pretty strict about controlling loup garou (and they probably have the best resources to do so, with centuries of experience).

    The U.S.? Depends entirely on how you envision the American wizarding government. I can see a very laissez faire attitude (allocating lots of empty space in the West or the northern forests for them to roam); I can also see them making it legal to hunt werewolves in their wolf form and kill them on sight. (If you're a werewolf, you take responsibility for keeping yourself locked up safely, or else...)

    Mexico? Unless the wizarding government is a lot more effective than the Muggle one (which it may well be), they probably couldn't control werewolves if they wanted to. Given Mexico's current murder rate, an awful lot of werewolf deaths could be mistaken for standard militia/drug cartel/rebel activity. I'd say the Mexican wizarding authority mostly just tries to keep werewolves away from tourists.

    Columbia: Just as bad. I can see the drug cartels keeping a few werewolves locked in cells and deliberately unleashing them during full moons. It would be quite tricky for wizards to keep werewolves out of sight without getting into full-blown engagements with either Muggle government troops or rebels and drug cartels.

    The Bahamas is heavily touristed. One werewolf death would be awfully hard to cover up; I don't think they could handle one or more werewolves running loose monthly. The only likely place for a werewolf would be on one of the less populated islands, where he could be closely watched and kept away from tourists.

    The Dominican Republic isn't quite as bad off as neighboring Haiti, but it's also pretty poor. According to Wikipedia, Haiti has its own werewolf legends. I'd imagine any werewolves on the island cross freely between the two countries (and any wizards there probably don't respect the national boundary that Muggles do). Frankly, a werewolf could go on a killing spree in a lot of areas, and no one outside would notice or care.

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    Do you see special interest groups existing, trying to persuade foreign goverments to have stricter regulations as far as werewolves go? They likely wouldn't have a great deal of political power themselves, but they could try to convince their own governments to try and act on their groups' interests. We see such groups in the Muggle world, for campaigns against Darfur and the Taliban.

    Of course, werewolf restrictions might not be such a nobel cause as the above.

    But do any of you see groups existing, and what do you think the results of these groups would be?

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    Double posting because I have something else I am wondering about. In interviews, J.K. has said that Hermione did a lot of work in terms of giving werewolves more rights in Brtain. She how would she have gone about doing this, do you think, and what do you think some of these new rights might be?

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