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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge 8

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    Name: wendelin the wierd
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Forever more
    Warnings: None
    Words: 139

    Narcissa dreamed.

    She didn’t dream of becoming a Healer or a Death Eater, an Auror or a spy.

    She didn’t dream of serving the Dark Lord.

    She didn’t dream of marrying a rich pureblood and living in a mansion.

    Her dreams were different. She dreamed of throwing herself into the heavens and soaring high in it with the wings she hid. She dreamed of seeing lush green fields and being able to run over them with not a care of who followed her. She wanted to be her own, a speck in a clear sky.

    She didn’t want to be in a damp cell, imprisoned by cruel, steel chains. She didn’t want to hear cold voices wherever she went. But this was what she was.

    And yet, Narcissa dreamed and she knew she would as long as she lived.
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    Air Elemental
    Name: Air Elemental
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Megan's Dream
    Warnings: Erm... slight disturbing imagery
    Words: 261

    “I had the craziest dream last night,” mumbled Megan Jones, shovelling her cornflakes into her mouth.

    “Ooh! Really?” asked Hannah Abbott, looking up from her copy of the Daily Prophet. “What happened this time?”

    “Here we go again,” sighed Susan Bones, rolling her eyes.

    “Well,” said Megan, swallowing the last of her cornflakes and sitting up. “It all started with me, Hannah and Justin sitting by the lake. Then out popped a giant rabbit out of the forest! It was huge! Then it roared – like a lion. Rawr! – and scooped up Justin and ate him!”

    “Charming,” muttered Justin, who was spreading jam on his toast.

    “Then,” continued Megan, “me and Hannah ran for it and suddenly the rabbit found a broomstick and started flying after us on it. It was a giant broomstick mind, for a giant rabbit. Then there was this big crack of thunder and all these purple frogs started raining from the clouds!”

    “Okay… then what happened?” asked Hannah eagerly.

    “Then Professor Trelawney popped up and said that the frogs were the sign of the Apocalypse or something. Then Professor Dumbledore arrived riding a crocodile and he was wearing a frilly corset -”

    “Okay! Okay!” yelled Susan. “Don’t go any further!”

    Megan smirked. She turned to Hannah. “What about your dream? Did you have one last night?”

    Hannah thought back to the dream she had, in which Ernie had danced the can-can on Snape’s desk in his boxers…

    “Erm… Sorry, I can’t remember it…” she muttered, going red. Susan, who’d heard all about it earlier, nodded in approval.

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    Name: Whittyleah
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Perfect
    Warnings: Verbal abuse
    Words: 142

    A young woman sat in a dark, dingy room caressing her large stomach. She lightly hummed to herself and her unborn child, her son.

    ‘Everything will get better after you are born, little one. Your father will treat me better because I gave him a son, the perfect son. Our lives will be perfect, just like I always dreamed,’ she thought to herself.

    “Eileen! I’m home! Where is my food?” a gruff, cruel voice yelled from the front door.

    “It is in the oven, keeping warm, darling.” She quickly stood, swaying slightly from her heavy belly.

    “Is this all? I know you're fatter, I didn’t know you were less able to cook, woman,” he spat as he sat to eat.

    Eileen stood in the kitchen, tears coming to her eyes.

    ‘Everything will be better after you are born, I just know it.’

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    Finally got down to this...

    First Place:

    A Spotlight Shines on the Stage
    and Maybe One Day Everything will Change

    By crazy purple hp freak


    Leaving The Door Open by Kumydabookworm

    Second Place:

    A Thousand Phoenixes by Kehribar


    Severus's Descision by HarryGinny 4 ever

    Third Place:

    It by Simply Being


    Just a Dream by myownmuggle

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