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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge 8

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    Weekly Drabble Challenge 8

    In times of war people remember and think about their dreams. They might give them hope, or seem so far away it hurts. Dreams are powerful and can change the course of a life.

    Sooo...this week's challenge is about dreams.

    The main character of your drabble must be a Canon Character(in the very loose, they-were-mentioned-once-in-the-books sense of the word) but you can include OCs as minor characters or passing mentions.

    Drabbles must be less than 500 words.

    Points will be awarded to the winners as usual (15, 10 and 5 respectively.)

    Please use the following form for submissions:


    Have fun!

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    Masked One
    Name: Masked One
    House: Slytherin
    Title: When We’re Grown Up
    Warnings: Alcohol Abuse
    Words: 378

    “Stop your dreaming!” Aunt Walburga snapped, swaying to a stop as she almost trod on the three girls. Bellatrix wondered with delicate disgust whether she was seeing three of them, or six. She’d certainly depleted Daddy’s wine enough tonight. Her son was toddling around somewhere - if he was lucky, somebody would be keeping an eye on him - and there was no doubt she shouldn’t be drinking, as her stomach was bulging again.

    When Bellatrix continued to study her impassively, she barked something unintelligible and wove away in the other direction. “Miserable old bat,” Andromeda muttered.

    “As if it isn’t bad enough that she blights he family with her existence. She’ll harm her sons, too,” Bellatrix agreed.

    “It’s loud,” Narcissa said plaintively. “And smelly.”

    Which was undeniably true - between the cigar smoke and the pervasive scent of drunkenness, their usually tidy sitting room was unpleasant tonight. The Crabbes, perhaps, would be expected to sink to this level, but not the Blacks. Never the Blacks.

    “It does,” Bellatrix said, leaning forward and catching her sisters’ hands, drawing them back into the game. “But wait a few years. They’re a disgrace, but they’re getting old. When we’re grown up, things will be different.” She smiled. “Cissa, you’ll oversee the garden, and the flowers will be the talk of the guests…”

    Her sister smiled delightedly, showing her missing teeth. “Will there be pink ones?”

    “If you would like them,” Bellatrix promised, “then there will be pink flowers of all shades.”

    Somebody in the group by the fire coughed heavily. Killing themselves off for us, Bellatrix thought, smiling. “And Andromeda, you will marry a fine, intelligent, well bred man.” Who isn’t your cousin. “You will have children, and you will take proper care of them. You’ll raise them to be Blacks, the way a Black should be.”

    Andromeda smiled. “I’ll have a girl,” she said. “A beautiful girl, and she’ll be as talented as you.”

    “Bella?” Narcissa asked softly. “What will you be doing.”

    “I,” Bellatrix said, looking across the room, “will be managing the investments. I will be impressing the right people. I will be doing what our father, our uncle, their father should have done. I will be the man of the house, since the men seem incapable.”

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    Sly Severus
    Name: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Title: No Going Back
    Warnings: None
    Words: 343

    She remained a safe distance away from the immaculate house, clutching the small bundle in her arms close to her chest. She could remember a time when that mansion was her home. She could also remembered when she been banned from that home for life.

    The bundle in her arms squirmed and she looked down at her four week old baby girl. More than anything Andromeda wanted to walk up to that mansion with her child. She wanted to see her daughter in Cissy’s arms. She wanted Bella to lecture her on how to raise her child to be the perfect Black. She wanted to see her parents look at her daughter with the loving eyes of grandparents. Of course, none of that was possible.

    Her family no longer owned her and they certainly would not own her half-blood daughter. But she could not help but dream about it. She missed her family, especially her sisters. She remembered when they were children; they vowed to remain together forever. They said that they would always be close; they would always be there for each other.

    That was a long time ago. It was before she had been disowned by her parents. It was before Bella had slapped her across the face and told her that she was filth. It was before Cissy refused to look her in the eye when they met on the street. A lot had changed since the three young sisters had made their vow, but nothing had changed in Andromeda’s heart. She still loved her sisters. She was willing to forgive them every horrible thing they had done. All she wanted was her family back. She wanted her daughter to know her aunts and her grandparents.

    But it was all foolishness. Andromeda knew that her family was lost to her forever, but she still had the ability to dream. Some days it was the only thing that kept her going. With a single tear, she held her daughter tightly and walked away from childhood home. There was no going back.

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    Title:The best idea
    Warnings: This is NOT what you think
    Words: Give me a sec... 421 words

    "My dearest Dorea, The love I feel for y-"

    "Potter, I do not intend to speak to you now, nor do I plan to ever so please do me the honour of leaving me alone," sighed Dorea as she waved her wand in front of her, the blouse she was sewing for her un-known suitor now looking elegant with the intricate embroidery around the collar.

    "Why Dorea, I thought you said last night by the lake you felt the same way," He sighed, and she rolled her hazel eyes at the boy. He was arrogant and up himself and never tended to his dreadful hair. It always looked like he never brushed it when he got out of bed, and the comb-over that was the "fashionable" for the boys looked terrible on him.

    "Charlus Potter you disgust me in many ways. It is only in your silly little dreams of yours in that obnoxiously large head that I am in love with you. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to pack for the christmas holidays. Good Night," She said coldly and he smiled at the fact that she called him "Charlus."


    Dorea was finally ready for the anual Christmas Eve ball her parents (Cygnus and Violetta Black) held each year in the Black Manor. Her Aunt Belvina had arrived early to do her hair and she had sat on the silk dressing-table stool for hours as her Aunt pulled and curled her hair, and it was all because her parents had found her a suitor to be married off to.

    She was not happy at the idea of being married off to some person she didn't know and was worried that he was older than her. She was not yet 18, but her parents thought that it had been long enough. It was the Pure-Blood tradition to be married off young, her mother was only 15 when she was married.

    So with a fake smile in place, Dorea floated down the stairs to find out that her suitor was none other than Charlus Potter. She was not happy and wanted to scream at her parents, but in fear of being disowned she danced with the boy and found that he was not so bad after all.


    James Potter sat up in his bed with a grin.

    "Sirius, I just had a dream with the best idea on how to win Evans."

    "Hey moron, I just had a dream on the best way to kill you for waking me up."
    If this is the wrong type of dream you had in mind, let me know and I'll think of something else.

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    Name: Nysuperstarz
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Alone
    Warnings: Does extreme vagueness count? *hee hee*
    Words: 289

    The character I'm using is Susan Bones by the way~

    Susan sat with her chin in her hands breathing in the intoxicating fumes that seemed to engulf the Divination class room, they were supposed to be interpreting dreams today, but it was simply too hot to do anything today. Slowly sleep seeped in and she began to dream...
    A thick white fog carried her thorough what seemed to be an endless beam of light. Quite suddenly, she was dropped harshly on the ground and landed in a painful thud. She looked around to take in her surroundings realizing she was at the entrance to Hogwarts, but it felt so...different... She decided to investigate and pushed open the oak front doors, it was empty, there was no one to be found anywhere, not a single soul... She went up and down the corridors, into the great hall up the stairs to the seventh floor, still no one. Her mind was racing, logical answers to why she was alone in Hogwarts, but a nagging feeling in the back of her mind told her something was wrong, so terribly wrong, how right she was... As she turned the corner leading towards the owlrey a shiver ran down her spine reaching all the way down to the very tips of her toes, then she saw it, a horrible sight, most inexplicable and gruesome, a sight only the most unfortunate of people some across. She screamed and hollered but she could do nothing a blank coldness took over every aspect of her mind and she froze.
    Susan awoke quite suddenly, panting and gasping for air, she looked around, she was all alone in the Divination classroom, there was no one to be found, not a single soul...
    P.S.~ This is my first weekly drabble challenge *I think* I've been here so long I can't believe I haven't participated in these.

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    Name: tc015
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: The Girl of My Dreams
    Warnings: None
    Words: 262

    People think my life is so perfect. Having all the girls fawn all over you, being famous, playing professional Quidditch – they think I enjoy it. I don’t. Being famous makes it hard to feel loved. Yes, I have fans who admire, but they don’t really love me. I am an only child, and have no brothers or sisters who love me. Growing up, my parents were always very supportive of my Quidditch playing, though sometimes my dad appears to be more concerned with making money.

    I never had a lot of friends. A lot of people at Durmstrang, even my teachers, would treat me weirdly just because I was famous. I have only a few friends, but for the most part, I am alone.

    When I came to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament, and was selected as a champion, I was part pleased and part disappointed. Now people were fawning over me even more than normally. Then I met the most beautiful girl in the world. She was so beautiful. She treated me like a normal person. I love her so much. When she agreed to go with me to the Yule Ball, I felt the best I have ever felt.

    Now, all I can do is think about her. I want to have a future with her. I want to marry her, have children with her, and spend the rest of my life with her. She is the one person who loves me because of me, not my fame. There is not a more beautiful girl in the world than her.
    Name: tc015
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: A Cure
    Warnings: None
    Words: 176

    All he ever wanted was a cure. He knew that he should be very grateful for all that he had gotten – he was able to go to Hogwarts. But sometimes it was too much for him.

    He loved her, but he couldn’t have her. She was too young, too whole, too perfect. She needed someone as perfect and beautiful as her. She didn’t need an old, jobless werewolf. Maybe if it didn’t happen, maybe he would normal. Maybe he would be able to have her.

    He didn’t want to hurt, so he left her. Now, he seemed to have hurt her even more. He wanted her back, but as long as he was a werewolf, he couldn’t have her. All he could do is dream of a cure. There was already the Wolfsbane Potion, but that wasn’t enough. What if he forgot to take it? He already knew the consequences of that.

    But for now, all he could do is dream of a cure, and dream of the future he someday would be able to have.

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    Name: mrsdracomalfoy1216
    House: Slytherin
    Title: I’ll Show Them
    Warnings: Bullying
    Words: 174

    “Stupid little Jimmy, can’t take a beating like a man,” taunted Sam Fellows. His gang of friends grinned.

    “Stop it!” cried Jimmy McGuffin. “Stop!”

    Sam kept punching and kicking Jimmy and his friends joined in. “I’ll stop when you promise me that you won’t tattle on me anymore. And you better mean it. Because you’re a tattler, and I got detention for three days because of you!” he yelled.

    “Okay, I promise.” There was a great amount of fear in his voice.

    The group backed off. “Now you know what happens when you tell on Sam.”

    Jimmy watched as Sam walked off with his gang. He burst into sobs, and sat there and cried for a bit, until he could calm down. ‘I’ll show them,’ he thought. ‘When I’m older, I’m going to be a famous guy on television, and then they’ll feel stupid!”

    Luckily for him, he got his dream.

    “Good evening! This is Jim McGuffin, and tomorrow you should expect it to be slightly cloudy, and a bit on the cool side…”

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    Name: TheMadMugggle
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Recognition
    Warnings: Violence
    Words: 375

    No one had expected Neville to survive this long into the battle. He was clumsy, forgetful, and not very talented as a wizard. But he had survived fight after fight all year. When some of the Slytherins had attacked him and some of his fellow Gryffindors, Neville had lead his House mates into the battle and defeated the Slytherins. And now, here he was.

    The battle against Voldemort has come to Hogwarts and Neville was right in the thick of it. The halls of the school were filled with both Order members and Death Eaters. It had been Neville who had roused up Gryffindor House into the fray and it was Neville who led them. If anyone had time to stop and think about it, they might think that all of Neville's dreams had come true.

    They would be wrong. Neville did enjoy the trust and respect of his classmates. And it was a dream come true, no matter how horrible the circumstances. But it was not Neville's only dream. As curses flew through the air, some hitting doors and stonework, reducing them to ruins, others hitting people with the same effect, one thought played itself over and over again in Neville's mind.

    Bellatrix Lestrange was out here somewhere. The witch who had tortured his parents into insanity; who had tortured him in his fifth year. She was out here, and Neville dreamed of being the one to defeat her. Of sending hexes and jinxes her way until she couldn't deal with them anymore. Hitting her with the Cruciatus Curse until her mind was gone and her limbs had been permanently fused into the twisted position that pain would place them. And of telling her that it was a Longbottom who had defeated her.

    After that, if he survived the battle, he would go to St. Mungo's and visit his parents. He would tell them all about the battle and of defeating Bellatrix. He would tell them about the whole year of fighting against the rising darkness. And at long last he could say that he had lived up to the proud name of Longbottom. And when he had finally finished his tale, his mum would look up at him, with recognition in her eyes.

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    Name: lily_16_evans
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Walking into a Dream
    Warnings: none
    Words: 174 - and with alternate ending 187

    Slowly the white robes where slipped over her head, and her flower embroidered hair fell neatly below her shoulders. Her other stood beside her in the bridal room with a smile on her lips, and tears in her eyes. Lily moved towards her mother and gave her a hug nestling her head on her mother’s shoulder for comfort.

    “You look beautiful dear,” she held her daughter out at arms length laughing at her daughter's ease and readiness for the life awaiting her.

    Walking down the stairs of the big house after the bridesmaids Lily looked down at the engagement ring on her finger and smiled knowing that she could never be happier without the man standing outside waiting for her.

    The doors to the back yard flew open revealing the most beautiful day, with the sun bouncing off the snow around the guests. Lilly stepped through the doors and into her dream where James Potter stood at the end of the aisle with a smile trying to break of his face only to get wider.
    The dormitories shook as Lily sat up shrieking in her four poster bed.
    I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted to add the last part or not so I made it a kind of alternate ending =P

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    Name: Cheshlin
    Title: Household Dreams
    Warnings: None
    Words: 318

    Lily looked around her small cottage. When she was growing up she dreamed for a big house with lots of rooms. Now she was very content with the house James and she had. Having found how hard it was to keep a small cottage clean, she didn’t even want to think of how much work a large house would be. Soon there would be even more work, the work of taking care of a baby.

    Resting her hand on her bulging belly, she felt an answering kick. The kicks had been getting stronger and more emphatic the past few weeks. James kept claiming the baby was building his leg muscles to be able to quickly jump into the air on his broom stick. James wanted the baby to be a world class Quidditch player. Lily just wanted the baby to be happy and healthy.

    The danger in the world was also weighing on her mind. Dumbledore had recently told James and her the prophesy about the one to defeat Voldemort. Lily hoped all of them would be around to help prepare which ever child would be the “chosen one” of prophesy.

    Lily dreamed of quiet mornings just playing with her baby. She pictured James pushing the baby on a swing at the park. James would surely by a baby broomstick that would be zipping around the house, as she yelled it was only supposed to be used outside. Smiling at that notion, Lily pictured the baby receiving his Hogwarts letter and how excitement would fill the house at getting him ready for school. Hopefully there would be a sibling for him by that point. Lily and James both agreed they wanted two or three children.

    Lily turned back to the kitchen and a small pile of dishes that needed washed. Hopefully these pictures and dream would come true. In these troubled times, it was almost impossible to know.

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