Secret SPEW V!

In Jenna's absence, I'll be organising the exchange this year. Hopefully I don't go too insane.

Sign-ups run from now until November 24, 11:59(PST), and assignments will be sent out within a day or two.

Stories are due December 23rd, and will be posted beginning December 24th.

Sign-Up Guidelines / Rules:
  • Post your request in this thread by Tuesday, November 24th (11:59PM PST).
  • Also include limits for what you're unwilling to write. Any ratings, characters, pairings, warnings or genres. Please try to be flexible with your limits/requests.
  • Requests should not contain anything inappropriate for MNFF.
  • Do not request a fic if you are not absolutely sure you will be able to take the time to write one for someone else. If you have to pull out due to unforseen circumstances, then please notify me as soon as possible so that I can arrange for another story to be written.
  • I will send out assignments on Thursday, November 26th.
  • This is a SECRET swap. Don't let anyone know who you're writing for. If you do, I will set my evil flying monkeys on you. If, of course, you use a SPEWer as your beta then they might figure it out, but if they let slip the flying monkeys rule still applies.
  • Use this format for your request post:

    Limitations: (On what you can write)
    If possible, include a couple of characters, pairings and prompts that you would like to see written. Please, nothing too complicated or specific; writers need room to work.
  • Please try to make all stories wintry or holiday-ish in some way. It doesn't have to be overwhelming, even just the setting. Remember to keep in mind who you're writing for. When requesting, feel free to mention a winter or holiday theme you'd like, or alternatively anything you don't want.

Submission Guidelines / Rules:
  • The story must be beta'd. There are no exceptions. Don't PM to ask if it's really mandatory, I'll say that it is.
  • All stories should be rated appropriately for the person recieving it [meaning their taste, not their age.] If you're writing for someone who does not generally venture into 6th-7th Years / Professors, then do not write that kind of fic. Also, this pertains to content and warnings, as well.
  • If you wish to include smut and you know the person you're writing for will enjoy reading it, then you may write it.
  • When submitting your story, please include this header:
    <b>Warnings (if any):</b>
  • If desired, please also include a note from you to your recipient.
  • Stories should include all HTML tags [<i>italics</i>, <b>bold</b>, etc;]
  • Stories should be PM'd or emailed to me [Jennifer / jenny b] by the due-date.
  • If your story contains any words that may be editted by the forum censor, you must email it to me, or else make a very obvious note to me at the top of your PM, so that I can edit before posting.
  • If you email it to me, please send it as an attachment. Do not put the text in the body of the e-mail. (If you need my e-mail address, either PM me or use your stalking abilities to find it on my profile/LJ/somewhere.)

Stories must be submitted by December 23rd.

They will be posted starting December 24th.

This thread is for requests only; if you have a question, PM or IM me.