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Thread: Dumbledore, November 1st 1981

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    Dumbledore, November 1st 1981

    Okay, so my question is: what was Dumbledore doing the hours after the Potters were killed and Voldemort was (temporarily) vanquished? I assume that he heard the news from Snape (who was spying on Voldemort) or Sirius (who went to check on Peter and the Potters), but what did he do after? I know McGonagall went to wait for him at Privet Drive the next day (which was a Sunday, btw, which explains why she wasn't teaching), but it was Hagrid who went to retrieve Harry, so I'm assuming Dumbledore was somewhere else, and not at Hogwarts either - was he meeting with the Minister for Magic? Contacting the rest of the Order?

    I'd love to hear your opinions, or remind me about anything I may have missed...

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    I think he would have been trying to confirm that Voldemort was really dead, or where he might have gone. So probably off doing Mystical Mysterious Dumbledore Stuff to work that out.

    He might also have been:

    - trying to get in touch with all of the Order, who would probably have been scattered around and possibly in the middle of various missons, or fighting;

    - working out if and where any DE reprisals might come from, and getting the Order in positions to deal with that;

    - meeting with the Minister of Magic to start organising rounding up DEs and putting them on trial, and also making sure the Minister knew Snape was a spy, so Snape didn't end up gettingt arrested. This could have tied him up for a long time, if he was trying to convince the Minister to arrest various high profile people, like the Malfoys or the Lestranges.

    There's probably more things he might have been doing - I think he would have had a whole lot of practical problems to deal with, as well as trying to sort out the legal and political 'what happens next' stuff as quickly as possible.

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    He also might have been working on creating press releases and the like about what had happened to Harry, not to fan the flames and turn Harry into a celebrity, I think, but more so just to get the truth out their before the rumor mill took over.

    Keep in mind, that a lot of people recognized Harry while he was growing up, and all they really had to go on was a very thin scar on his forehead. Unless the world knew he was living with his Muggle reletives, all those people on the street would probably have very little clue that Harry wasn't just some random Muggle child who also happened to have a scar on his forehead.

    He might have been recognized within the wizarding world, but childhood is full of acciendents and from only being known as a baby, just a scar really isn't that much to go on.

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    I can kind of see Dumbledore taking maybe a couple of hours to believe the news. I know that I will be contradicted (I always am because I think about things differently then others haha) but I think, even though Dumbledore is incredibly intelligent, he would have just been downright shocked. I think he would have been shocked for a few reasons:

    - They were gone. That alone would be enough to make someone incoherent to what is going on around them.

    - Voldemort was gone. He knew not forever. When would he return? Or do you think it took him a couple of days (invstigating and what-not) to figure out that he wasn't gone? Longer?

    - Harry had survived.

    - Sirius had betrayed Lily and James' trust.

    - He would have to try and fix everything while also putting on a brave face.

    Okay, well maybe I am getting to miniscule here, but, you see my point. I think Dumbledore wouldn't jump straight into action. He may start formulating a plan but wouldn't abtually follow through for a few hours.

    Well, feel free to tell me I'm wrong, cause I probably am. I'm just weird. haha.

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