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Thread: SPEW Reviews for November

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    jenny b

    SPEW Reviews for November

    In the absence of our lovely Head, I get to be important and do the posting this month. >.> I think you should all know what to do - post four reviews, or three reviews and one approved review replacement.

    Approved activities that will replace your fourth review are:

    • SPEW Buddies
    • Class Activity at Hogwarts
    • Category Patrolling Project
    • Story or Drabble Challenges
    • Review Award Committee Duties

    Also, please remember to complete at least one monthly activity - a response to the Monthly Discussion or Monthly Drabble challenge, or a review for our Featured Author.

    All reviews must be posted and monthly activites completed by November 30th.

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    Review for Sanguine by electronicquillster.
    Review forHead in the Sand by lucilla_pauie.
    Review for That Night-time Stroll by SPEW buddy Jennifer/ jenny b

    November Activity: Discussion

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    in a book <33

    [1] Review for On No One's Side by hestiajones
    [2] Review for A Tangled Web by Equinox Chick
    [3] Review for Between Two Points of Separation by Fantasium [Featured Author]

    Review Replacement[s]

    Category Patrolling
    Mini NaNoWriMo in TTB
    Class Activities

    Monthly Activity

    Reviewed and Questioned Anna, the featured author

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    My review for Your Servant by Virgil

    My review for Between Two Points of Separation by Anna, the Featured Author

    My review for The Wolf by clabbert2101

    Review Replacement:

    Rac duties

    Monthly Activity:

    Reviewed and questioned our Featured Author

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    My Review for The Old Lie by CakeorDeath
    My Review for The Elder Tree by opaleye
    My Review for Hold You For A Million Years by BirdG

    Review Replacement

    RAC duties

    Monthly Requirement

    Participation in the drabble challenge.

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    ms. leading

    My review for Between Two Points of Separation by Fantasium
    My review for Cain and Abel by Sainyn Swiftfoot [SPEW Buddy]
    My review for Chapter Four of Poppy Seeds by fg_weasley

    Review Replacement

    SPEW Buddies with Sainyn Swiftfoot

    Monthly Activity

    November Featured Author - Review and Questions

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    1. My Review for the Prologue of Burning for Revenge by the opaleye

    2. My Review for Chapter One of Burning for Revenge by the opaleye

    3. My Review for Differences Aside by cassie123

    Review Replacement:

    RAC Duties

    Monthly Activity:

    Drabble Challenge

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    1. My review for Frames of Existence by Cassie (cassie123).
    2. My review for Belonging to Bellatrix by Anna (Fantasium). --> Featured Author
    3. My review for Chapter Four - Withdrawal of Poppy Seeds by Nikki (fg_weasley).
    4. My review for Chapter Five - Remission of Poppy Seeds by Nikki (fg_weasley).
    Monthly Activity:

    -Reviewed the Featured Author, Anna.


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