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Thread: SPEW Reviews for November

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    jenny b

    SPEW Reviews for November

    In the absence of our lovely Head, I get to be important and do the posting this month. >.> I think you should all know what to do - post four reviews, or three reviews and one approved review replacement.

    Approved activities that will replace your fourth review are:

    • SPEW Buddies
    • Class Activity at Hogwarts
    • Category Patrolling Project
    • Story or Drabble Challenges
    • Review Award Committee Duties

    Also, please remember to complete at least one monthly activity - a response to the Monthly Discussion or Monthly Drabble challenge, or a review for our Featured Author.

    All reviews must be posted and monthly activites completed by November 30th.

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    Review for Sanguine by electronicquillster.
    Review forHead in the Sand by lucilla_pauie.
    Review for That Night-time Stroll by SPEW buddy Jennifer/ jenny b

    November Activity: Discussion

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    in a book <33

    [1] Review for On No One's Side by hestiajones
    [2] Review for A Tangled Web by Equinox Chick
    [3] Review for Between Two Points of Separation by Fantasium [Featured Author]

    Review Replacement[s]

    Category Patrolling
    Mini NaNoWriMo in TTB
    Class Activities

    Monthly Activity

    Reviewed and Questioned Anna, the featured author

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    My review for Your Servant by Virgil

    My review for Between Two Points of Separation by Anna, the Featured Author

    My review for The Wolf by clabbert2101

    Review Replacement:

    Rac duties

    Monthly Activity:

    Reviewed and questioned our Featured Author

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    My Review for The Old Lie by CakeorDeath
    My Review for The Elder Tree by opaleye
    My Review for Hold You For A Million Years by BirdG

    Review Replacement

    RAC duties

    Monthly Requirement

    Participation in the drabble challenge.

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    ms. leading

    My review for Between Two Points of Separation by Fantasium
    My review for Cain and Abel by Sainyn Swiftfoot [SPEW Buddy]
    My review for Chapter Four of Poppy Seeds by fg_weasley

    Review Replacement

    SPEW Buddies with Sainyn Swiftfoot

    Monthly Activity

    November Featured Author - Review and Questions

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