It is a truth universally acknowledged that if there are two literary geniuses of the female sex in existence within such a short time as two centuries as one another, (J.K. Rowling and Jane Austen) they must be compared by that devotee you!

I've had this idea for a long time and I keep meaning to write it. I think it would be wonderfully entertaining, especially if you use an Austen-esque style of writing.

I will relate to you the actors which I have cast in our little play of words:
Mr. Darcy - James Potter
Elizabeth Bennet - Lily Evans
Charles Bingly - Sirius Black
Colonel Fitzwilliam - Remus Lupin
Mr. Collins - Severus Snape
Mr. Wickham - Rabastan Lestrange (or someone to that effect)
Charlotte Lucas - OC ( a girl who Lily befriends, probably not in the same house. Plain & a little desperate, but very sensible)
Mary Bennet - Mary MacDonald
Jane, Lydia, Kitty - Lily's roommates

Another idea is to have Charles Bingly as Frank Longbottom and Charlotte Lucas as Alice.

OR Mr. Darcy could be Sirius Black and Elizabeth Bennet could be an O/C, with James as Charles Bingly and Lily as Jane Bennet. Characters are, of course, up to you.

I wasn't willing to tackle it alone, but I would be willing to co-author, or you can just have it and run away with it. Let me know!