This week, I'm holding a very special challenge here in TTB. The MerMuggles, who record the very popular audiofictions, would like your help! They are looking for some Halloween themed drabbles, written especially to be recorded as part of an episode to be released on the 31st October. Each of the MerMuggles wants to be part of this episode, so instead of picking one story, they thought why not feature lots of drabbles?

Your prompt for this challenge is very simply: Halloween!

It can be spooky, it can be scary, it can be whatever you want so long as it captures the spirit of Halloween. Also keep in mind that the purpose of this drabble is to be recorded and so try to ensure it is suitable for that. You can not include song lyrics for copyright reasons, and ratings/warnings should be kept to a minimum (and as always should be appropriate for the age range of the boards). Also, because it can be difficult to read things aloud when there are grammar/spelling problems, I would strongly advice asking a beta to read through any challenge entries.

I'm going to be exceptionally generous and give you a word limit of 700 words!

Your deadline is 11pm GMT on Tuesday 27th October (I realise this is a few hours short of being a whole week but time is tight as you can imagine!)

I will not be judging this challenge - it will be up to the MerMuggles to pick their favourite drabbles to record. As such, there will not be a first, second or third place, but the author of every winning drabble featured in the episode will receive five points. Winners won't be announced in the thread, but can be found out by listening to the Halloween episode when it is released.

Good luck, and please ask any questions in the Question Corner thread.