I've been thinking about Next-Gen fics and reading up on some characterisation threads, and am interested in Sorting after the Trio have left.

JK told us that things changed at Hogwarts and Slytherin was diluted (I think that's her phrase) so they weren't the EVIL!HOUSE any longer.

What I'm wondering is how they managed to change the attutudes of each House (Gryffindor are just as prejudiced against Slytherin after all) when they still used the same Hat for Sorting. The hat contains the brains of the Founders, so wouldn't it still Sort the way it has for hundreds of years?

Do you think the Hogwarts Professors modified the Hat in some way, or was there just a change in curriculum or something so there was more inter-House unity?

I know a lot of you write Next Gen, so any advice on how you think Hogwarts changed would be very useful.

Thank you